The Kindercare Murders

AT&T the World Trade Center bombings specifically Building 7 and the nimda virus

Outsourced to Suicide at Bank of America Concord CA

So squishy victim Laci Peterson and missing person Connor who is likely still alive sold into the Contra Costa kidnapping Network

The Corrupted Coroners of California

Sequoia Capital Larry Ellison, Pete Bennett

The Unarmed Constituent-The Coroners Coverup

RIP Kellie Reed - Dave I am sorry for your loss

Lockerbie and Epstein

The Brutal Double Murder of Founder Nomoreh1b who challenged the Tech VisaVisas, InfoSys, IBM, Oracle and Venture Capital

Murder Victim: David Filkins Bremer

Murdered Witness: Alicia Driscoll

Witness: Robert Frazier