A Collection of Witnesses Killed

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#deadwitness ~ The Corrupted District Attorney and the Contra Costa Hate Crime Network

MEET THE CORRUPT DA, COMMANDER, Deputy, Officer, Former Police Officers

The worst is yet to come as truth

The Dirty DUI Crew

  • Chris Butler
  • Deputy Tanabe
  • DA Mark Peterson
  • Officer Greg Thompson
  • Commander Wielsch
  • Albert D. Seeno - fraud case and conviction linked Miller Starr and Regalia

The Fate of Attorneys connected to the Contra Costa Bar Association

For several decades the Bar Association blocked or spun Bennett through a series Attorney Referrals that went nowhere. Talk, Talk, Talk, get intel and say Goodbye can't your case.

Victim: Nathaniel Greenan

Surrounded by family with his son Nate Greenan lying in casket Attorney James S. Greenan represented Kinder Care a subsidiary of Knowledge Universe a holding company controlled by Larry Ellison and Micheal Milken.
  • Sister: Cecilia Greenan Ashcroft
  • Sister: Nancy Greenan Hamil
  • Father: James Greenan
  • Brother in-law: Dax Craven, disbarred represented Bennett who lost his sons to the Mormons

The Son of Attorney James S. Greenan

Never in a millions years would anyone expect to marry into the Mormon community only to discover years later the connections to several witness and hate crime murders

James S. Greenan
Profile and history of James S. Greenan
Richard Rainey and the Mormons
In the matter of Bennett vs. Southern Pacific a witness murder went down in 1989. The witness was slated to testify on behalf of Pete Bennett. The case fell apart on the courthouse steps. Judge Peter Spinetta should be a hostile witness now living in Darby Montana.

The unknown passenger bumped at the Newark Gate

How does a client of Bennett get bumped from Flight 93 but Todd Beamer doesn't when the plane has 42 passengers and crew?

Oracle and 9/11
Profile of Oracle employee Todd Beamer killed during WTC Attacks.

Larry Ellison
Knowledge Universe owns Kinder Care, Leap Frog and other entities purchases a services company in Walnut Creek for millions. Not long after one of partners dumps 200,000 into Authentic Technologies rougly seven years after founder Pete Bennett lost millions connected Philip Anschutz who clearly has business relationships with Michael Milken, Larry Ellison, Charles Hurtwitz and Bennett v. Southern Pacific

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