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About Pete Bennett

Connecting persons, events and names together - some names for reference no pain intended, some as marker to the real story


Bennett lost millions in the matter of Bennett vs. Southern Pacific but other cases persons lost their lives. Bennett's case folded in 1989 facing off with Judge Peter Spinetta. Within minutes lost millions. The truth arrived in 2000 when a separate witness shared that key witness Floyd Brown Jr. was dead. Bennett went looking for years for facts. Stonewalled by the Coroner and stymied by lack of information on his death Bennett researched how the Contra Costa Sheriff/Coroner functioned. His answers came when he went looking at other cases. Witnesses were dead in is other cases. It became clear this was the never lose county because Contra Costa is Cold Case County. Lynch em' Burn Em' Then Kill em' very slowy then celebrate with promotions with pay raises.
Rylan Fuchs and Chief of Police Chris Wenzel of the Town of Danville

This young man and his mother became friends with Pete Bennett and his sons via the Oak Hill Park in Danville.  The parents each enduring mutual marriage breakdowns, each with sons seeking friends.  The boys found each other while parents each had something in common to vent issues.

The Curious Deaths Near Chief Wenzel

Pete Bennett resided in Danville between 1996 and 2006. His truck exploded in 2004 practically at the front door of the Town of Danville. There is no recod of the incident and the next month the Town Building Inspector attempted to end Bennett's life.

Fending off Sgt. Rangel.

This is Sgt. Dave Rangel former Police Officer from City of Walnut Creek. There are several distinct incidents with the Walnut Creek Police Department more (It's a new day at WCPD)

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