A Collection of Witnesses Killed

A series of incidents near Pete Bennett - you be the judge

The Catalog of Deaths!  BOLO

Pete Bennett started in business with his hands, feet and back. Eventually reaching a full service Cabinet Shop producing commercial casework, kitchens and displays.

He also kept track of incidents, suspicious cases, flaky real estate deals, and those parties near those deals.  

Pete Bennett Software Developer

Bennett was removed from Dreamforce because he was older than sixty-five, it could that his age was not the reason, maybe they notice he was limping from the many assault incidents, beatings, and muggings. I am sure that the heavy-set black man and the young women and all the older candidates were too disabled to assist with a simple job of being a docent  

Pete really needed the money as his business was destroyed due to the friends of Paul Pelosi with links to Contra Costa Narcotics Taskforce.


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