A Collection of Witnesses Killed

#deadwitness ~ The Walnut Creek Bomb Squad

Marie Coon (RIP 2008)

The astounding personal connection for Pete Bennett was learning the fate of Nordstroms Tailor unlikely suicide in Lake Arrowhead. That incident documented ny the La Times and

Marie committed suicide by locking herself in the cab of a pickup truck at Lake Arrowhead with portable lighted barbecues and a pail of burning coals. She left a note, saying she wanted to be with Jimmy. She was 48.

Jimmy Coon

This story bothered me for years after learning his connection to his step mom Marie Coon. The facts are hard to collect but in 2007

Factual Error : Pete Bennett ran into a mom who attended a local club in 2007 that said her son had been killed in Iraq.
Real Statement : Jimmy’s biological mother died when he was 9 years old, eight years after his parents divorced.
Bennett has been trolled by a series of persons portraying being part of an event or connected to a specific person. It is known as being part of a cyber chess board.

FBI miscues amongst successes

This is the same FBI agent who arrived at Mainframe Designs Cabinets and Fixtures in 1989. Bennett called the San Francisco offices after endless incidents connected to the PIttsburg Police Department. Their core tactics during the 80s was prostitutes Round Up , kill drug dealers, Blacks and run racketeering protection.
In 1988 Officer Eric Bergen offered up protection from his security company which was rejected. Things only got worse from there.

The FBI Bomb Trainer

The Walnut Creek bomb squad was commissein





The Walnut Creek Bomb Squad

Created in the late 80s after the car of IRS Agent Shannon Hodges was blown up in the East Bay

Captain Steve Skinner

The structure of the Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce (CNET), the SWAT and Arson investigators lead to a ripe combination to go astray.


Lieutenant Steve Bertolozzi

The structure of the Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce (CNET), the SWAT and Arson investigators lead to a ripe combination to go astray.


The Roseville Train Bomb and Southern Pacific

Largely unnoticed for decades is a railyard explosion involving and destroying over 100 rail cars loaded with bombs destined for the Concord Naval Weapons station. Not long after the United States began losing the Vietnam War. Perhaps Roseville should reopen the explosion as a murder case connected to any US Service person killed after this explosion?

Safeway CEO Steve Burd

During the early 1980's Safeway store development was located just off Yganicio Valley Road and Oak Grove Road. Along the way they began contracting projects with Mainframe Designs Cabinets and Fixures owned by Pete Bennett. It was a big ad for a small shop. The ad worked very well because the unionized shops went on strike where owners cut back advertising. Stoke of luck as all Bennett knew was a run a full page ad in the Contra Costa Central Yellow Pages.

A key customer was Safeway Stores where back in the 1980s was embarking on remodeling, upgrades and store format changes. Safeway was asking for more production capicity focusing on new projects in the millions.

Southern Pacific Attorney

In the background for decades was a witness murder resulting in Pete Bennett losing Mainframe Designs Cabinet and Fixtures a potential of becoming a multimillion dollar operation.

A key customer was Safeway Stores where back in the 1980s was embarking on remodeling, upgrades and store format changes. Safeway was asking for more production capicity focusing on new projects in the millions.

Pushed or Jump?

Pete Bennett reached out to City Attorney Mark Coon when facts possible collusion related to the Concord Naval Weapons Station with information about Lennar. B

Bennett met City Attorney Mark Coon in connection to once again being accused of being transient. Few know that Bennett was driven out of business in connection the reward for San Francisco Officer Lester Garnier murdered in July 2008.

Outsourced to Suicide

The Kevin Flanagan Suicide reeks of another Contra Costa County faked suicide. This suicide mirrors the murder-suicide case of Bennett's friend Alicia Driscoll and daughter Jineva.

Pictured facing away is Pete Bennett co-organizer with Lee Perry former PacBell programer

The Convicted District (Felony)

Bennett attended the first news conference held at Contra Costa District Attorney Offices regarding the arrests of Commander Wielsch and PI Chris Butler before answering nearly every question Peterson looked at Bennett. Most everyone noticed the interaction. Back then Bennett wasn't timid but held back asking questions that today would be bombshells of the future.


Nancy Templeton

City of Walnut Creek Code Enforcement Officer

Bennett resident of Walnut Creek for many years moving between Concord, Pleasant Hill, Danville and Pittsburg.

Bennett was attempting to engage with the City Attorney and City Manager staff. He was on the third floor Walnut Creek City Hall where he placed his homeless backpack where chairs located in the waiting area
Templeton walks past Bennett to enter her work area. Within minutes Bennett is confronted by several police officers responding to information that his unattended property just 20 feet away was a possible bomb. Officers being sane arrive with hands on their guns placing Bennett in a scenario where he could have shot dead by pplice. That false police report helped destroy employment opportunities as Bennett once had clearance to enter Lawrence Livermore Labs, GE Nuclear and PG&E Facilities. The clearance he looks for today is the empty space in his wallet or his missing children.

The Nutshell Smells Bad, Tastes Bad leaving residents believing the City of Walnut Creek is safe

This story is almost a joke, mom turns up missing with children after fleeing Antioch in 1997. The letter to the District Attorney was accepted as gospel but nowhere did anyone state her husband was a Captain in the Walnut Creek Police Department. Sounds so similar to the 1989 Floyd Brown Jr. murder a key witness in Bennett vs. Southern Pacific. Just like Stratton there is no real history except several scant detail missing court records.

Captain Neil Stratton


During the many long days of digging Bennett was on FBI's web site researching missing persons section when he came upon the Elizabeth Stratton poster. Knowing most of the names of Walnut Creek employees he knew about Neil Stratton. His former girlfriend was driving a Ford Explore owned by Bob Stratton. That was around the time that Ron Verde rented Bennett a huge 3000SF house for trading for web site design. Another coincidence was at the time during summer 2008 Bennett was renting an office on Oakland Blvd. The sublessor was realtor Kevin Roberts former COmmunity Development Director for the City of Walnut Creek.

Elizabeth Stratton Missing Person



On December 16, 1997, Elizabeth Ann Stratton fled her Antioch, California, home with her two non-custodial children. On December 19, 1997, a letter written by Stratton arrived at the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office stating that she had taken the children, left California, and did not want anyone to find her or the children. Stratton was in the middle of a child custody dispute with her ex-husband at the time.


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