A Collection of Witnesses Killed

Your Fearless Leaders? Threaten Bennett for arrest for attempting to get constituent services

While they March for Women one turns up missing two blocks away

One runs for president, another is part of home invasiion robbery and the other took years to assist.

The Constituent Avoidance Unit

Bennett set aside for any constituent services fighting corruption in Contra Costa so deep you'll never run out of rocks to flip ovee


#deadwitness - A room full of doom leaving a trail of tears.

Far Too Many Victims near Pete Bennett  

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#deadwitness City clerk Deanna Despain found dead in Oakland

Public Officials

On it's own not too far out of bounds but when San Ramon City Clerk Patricia Perry killed in Murder Suicide

Deanna Despain

DeAnna Despain

City clerk Deanna Despain found dead in Oakland

Update 2:35 p.m. The Associated Press is reporting that Deanna Despain’s death was apparently because of a fall down a staircase in her home. She was found by her husband. There were no signs of foul play.
Deanna Despain, Berkeley’s city clerk, was found dead in her home on the 4100 block of Lyman Road in Oakland at 2 a.m. on Saturday morning. The Oakland police are treating the death as suspicious.
The coroner’s office is not yet releasing any information about the death, referring enquiries to the Oakland Police Department.
Despain became acting city clerk in June, 2008, with the retirement of Pamyla Means. She was appointed city clerk in May 2009. She had worked for the city for over 10 years. The birth of her child, on March 22 last year, was applauded at that evening’s City Council meeting.
“Deanna was super smart, she was really on top of things,” said Mark Rhoades, who worked with Despain when he was in the city’s planning department. “She cared a lot about the city.”
In the city offices today, word about Despain’s death spread without any official news. City staff said they were working with Despain’s family on an announcement, pending official word from the OPD.
Berkeleyside is awaiting information from the OPD and will provide updates as details emerge.

The Assassination of President Kennedy connected to the murder of David Leslie Milne

The Assassination of President Kennedy connected to the murder of David Leslie Milne

Mr. Milne, a Kennedy Advisor was likely killed in connection to the Joseph P. Kennedy connected all the back before WWII just like others of that time period before and after World War II.

Joseph P. Kennedy


John F. Kennedy


Robert F. Kennedy


John F. Kennedy Jr.


SEC Committed (1938)



OBIT: Wife of Dan Turton Legislative aide to President Obama

Ashley Turton

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Wife of Dan Turton Legislative aide to President Obama. She was lost via tragic and very unusual fatal accident in the family garage defies logic. 

Ashley Turton

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ashley Turton
Born Elizabeth Ashley Westbrook
November 25, 1973
Greensboro, North Carolina
Died January 10, 2011 (aged 37)
Washington, DC
Nationality American
Occupation lobbyist, political staffer
Ashley Turton (November 25, 1973 – January 10, 2010) was a lobbyist for Progress Energy who was reportedly "likely involved with" the company's merger with Duke Energy.[1] She had been Special Assistant to Speaker of the House[2] Nancy Pelosi, chief of staff for Connecticut representative Rosa DeLauro and before that, aide to Missouri representative Dick Gephardt.[3] She was married to Dan Turton, the Obama administration's liaison to the House of Representatives.[4] They had three children.
On the morning of January 10, 2011 she had planned to drive to the airport for an air trip related to her work. Instead, a neighbor telephoned at 4:49 a.m. to report Turton's garage was on fire.[1] Inside the garage, firefighters discovered her body in her 2008 BMW X5 SUV.[5] Her death was investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department with assistance from the city fire department, two BMW engineers, and theATF.[6] The coroner's report found "acute alcohol intoxication" and said she died from "inhalation of products of combustion and thermal burns".[4] According to authorities, there was no indication of foul play and there were "no obvious signs of trauma".[7]



The Kobe Bryant - the murder of a Lakers Teammate never forgotten

The Kobe Bryant - the murder of one of the Lakers never forgotten

The family and business connections to Kobe Bryant if you follow cases near your investors you'll find my story is linked to Southern Pacific, Vegas, World Poker Tour and the Trump Tower Russians  

Kobe the Star ! 

In 1994, Kobe Bryant was in Walnut Creek California on family business when he popped in for a meeting where Pete Bennett was also waiting.  Nothing ground shaking, nothing extraordinary just his between high school and the NBA.  

He was preparing for a meeting.  Pete was ho-hum like great you're the best unsigned player in the country.  Pete left Kobe but will say he was the nicest person you'd ever meet.  

In one of Pete Bennett's significant court cases he lost millions and that loss is highly important to why the Fatal Flight should be consider a murder investigation.  

Something like planes, trains and automobiles.  In 2008 candidate for office Eric Nunn was killed.  

Make way for the winners by eliminating the best possible winners.   

Chairman of Southern Pacific

In 1994, Kobe Bryant was in Walnut Creek but five years earlier Pete Bennett was in a Contra Costa Superior Court not knowing someone from Southern Pacific behind the scenes was plotting to kill a witness.  

This man with his friends Larry Ellison, Junk Bond King Michael Milken, and corporate raider Charles Hurwitz were taking over Palco controllers of vast amounts of the California Redwood Forests.  

Southern Pacific then was a poor manager of rail assets,right of way, and systems.  The company eventually sold itself away in the mid-90's.   


The Murderous Railroads and the Junk Bond financier best buds with Philip Anschutz 1/3 owner of the Lakers

The Murderous Railroads 

How the former Chairman of Southern Pacific uses tactics to win cases, deactivate unprofitable rail lines or murder innocents for economic superiority.  This article exposes one key player connections to Southern Pacific and the relationship to the 1990 Judi Bari Bombing. 

The 1990 Judi Bari Bombing

The United States Department of Justice defended FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr. for nearly a decade regarding the allegations that Judi Bari and Daryl Cherney were bomb makers, blew themselves up and were deemed terrorists connected to tree spiking incidents affecting many Northern California loggers connected to PALCO.  



The Panalopy of Things of Distasteful Realities

The Panalopy of Bay Area  

Sort of true but not really just true but more like wildfires, explosions and very bad things. 

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Jeff Adachi

Another Kamala casualty?  Perhaps not but around the San Francisco universe there is a divisive connections to the Chinatown Gangs with several decades of cases buried in archives of the Offices of the San Francisco District Attorney.  

The City is really where there is smoke there is fires.  

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Marie Coon 

Former Walnut Creek resident step-mother James Jack Coon was a tailor for the Walnut Creek Nordstroms.  

Being a customer requiring most shirts tailored she was the tailor that worked with someone who became my wife.  

The Nordstroms connection is highly important given that Marie after she learned SPC James Coon was killed in Iraq.  

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SPC James Coon

The story was a false narrative. Digging through articles, learning various facts about the Iraq and realizing how a computer virus was to 9/11 (See ) then learning snippets about what was really in Balad. It became somewhat obvious that Marie's suicide in Lake Arrowhead might be connected to his death via sniper.


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