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#deadwitness ~ Oracle, Accenture, SalesForce, Microsoft, Private Equity and Venture Capital. Setups, M&A, Hostile Takeovers

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Former Programmer up against overwhelming forces consisting of billionaires, outsourcing and far too many struck by Liberal Privledges.

Pete Bennett former US Programmer fall from grace after appearing on National and international TV

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Blogger Tips, Tricks, Ideas, Traps

A Resource Guide for the Blogger API, Templates and Customization a variant of

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One day just after the San Bruno explosion in late 2010 Pete Bennett was on the run from rouge officers

Today Pete Bennett has battled homelessness, arrests and endless harassment by those not indicted.

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The Serial Arsonist

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Following Fires, Explosions, REITs, Hedge Funds
This blog came to life after endless rebukes from Contra Costa County Fire protection District and San Ramon Valley Fire

Contra Costa Watch

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A public corruption story with roots deeply embedded with elected officials
Contra Costa Watch - details on how some leaders in the county allowed events to unfold, how billions were stolen and how the Contra Costa Bar Association lootec the public

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