A Collection of Witnesses Killed

The Kindercare Murders

There is a drummer in the area names who is killed in a bizarre but normal accident for Contra Costa County he went over the rail in Orinda and was killed when suddenly is vehicle veered to the left moved radically and then you hit the rail kaboom.

I have been in that SUV it belongs to my divorce attorney who appeared in court with me on the final bifurcation of my divorce and what I discovered while I was sitting in the courtroom far too late to punch him in the mouth was that he did not file my custody change orders..

The Contra Costa. Kidnapping Network lives on.

The father of the drummer is Attorney James S greenan who represented KinderCare owned by Michael Milken and Larry Ellison.

And then there's Pete Bennett were feared on TV with Oracle spokesman Robert Hoffman by 2014 five people in his family were dead just another murder suicide in la la land.

AT&T the World Trade Center bombings specifically Building 7 and the nimda virus

Pete Bennett software engineer based in Danville California in 2001 was the unwitting programmer that delivered a virus that devastated networks around the globe for those that want to be technical look up nimda and then if you get pissed off enough read and about building 7
The reality is the number virus wiped out servers around the globe I was brought in buy a ex military manager working at SBCGlobal that also has ties to the very powerful prison guard Union.


Director of AT&T

Director of AT&T

Director of AT&T

Director of AT&T

Director of AT&T

Director of AT&T

Director of AT&T

Outsourced to Suicide at Bank of America Concord CA

When this story broke in 2003 it was about the same time that I started appearing on CNN and ABC and other media stations.

Two years later my friend and daughter were murdered her brother works for the district attorney his name is Commander George Driscoll the other brother involved in the pipeline explosion involving Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan but also of Enron Fame.

The common denominator is forensic Medical Group run by dr. Brian Peterson who did the autopsies on Laci Peterson a few years earlier and likely came up with a subjective suicide cause of effect with Kevin Flanagan add several other Witnesses near me and other cases one is my friend Chris Spence former real estate agent with Keller Williams found dead of a shotgun are the dog hit the trigger and the owner died

Documenting the dead so you can make your own decision.

So squishy victim Laci Peterson and missing person Connor who is likely still alive sold into the Contra Costa kidnapping Network

Is Conner Peterson alive sold into the Contra Costa Kidnapping Network run by CPS and Social Services now being sued.  

The forensic pathologist dr. Brian Peterson said in court papers she was a little squishy for lack of a better term but no one told you the Doctor Brian Peterson served with contra costa district attorney inspector George Driscoll who was NCIS and dr. Brian Peterson was the naval pathologist based in San Diego.


The Corrupted Coroners of California

### A Dead Witness Story

Medical Society of Milwaukee announces Dr. Brian Peterson as board president


Dr. Brian Peterson, Milwaukee County Chief Medical Examiner takes lead on Medical Society’s
Prescription Narcotic Abuse initiative during 2016 term.

MILWAUKEE, WI (March 14, 2016) - The Medical Society of Milwaukee County (MSMC) an organization representing nearly 3,700 physicians and medical students across the Milwaukee community, announced Milwaukee County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Brian Peterson will fulfill the role of board president for the 2016 term.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Peterson lead our board as president,” says Kathy Schmitz, Executive Director of the Medical Society of Milwaukee County. “Dr. Peterson’s experience and passion for his work will contribute tremendously as we take on our key initiative to increase awareness on prescription narcotic abuse.”

Under Dr. Peterson’s leadership, MSMC plans to continue with a multi-pronged approach to dealing with the prescription narcotic abuse epidemic, starting with the professionals who are writing prescriptions – namely the physicians, in parallel to educating the community on methods for prevention and treatment options and sharing that recovery is possible.

“It needs to start with our physicians – knowing what to prescribe, how much and having important conversations with patients about their use,” says Peterson. “MSMC is a neutral convener for physicians so we can come together to create change on issues like prescription drug abuse, not for the benefit of one health system, but for the community as a whole.”

Peterson shared that he has seen a startling increase in deaths related to drug overdose in his office. In fact, the number of these preventable narcotic-related deaths totaled 229 in 2015, compared to 139 in 2011. In comparison, motor vehicle accidents totaled 93 deaths last year. With prescription narcotic drugs becoming more controlled, Peterson expects to see the number of heroin deaths rise before they fall. This is due to the availability and affordability of heroin on the streets, as prescription drugs become less available.

In addition to his leadership role with the prescription narcotic initiative, Peterson also plans to engage even more medical students in the Society’s initiatives, especially those with interest in forensic pathology.

As a student, Peterson attended medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin and graduated in 1980. Following a rotating internship he served for two years with the United States Marine Corps as a general medical officer. Military residency (anatomic and clinical pathology) and fellowship (forensic pathology) followed, with several more years of United States Navy service. Peterson joined the staff at the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office in 2008 and was appointed chief in 2010.

Peterson has also filled the role of consultant for national TV shows like Forensic Files, The New Detectives, and more. He is also known for his work on national cases like Lacy Peterson and serial killer Jack Barron’s victims. He and his wife enjoy being foster parents to Mel, a puppy in training for Canine Companions for Independence, training dogs dedicated to assist those with autism, veterans and more. He also enjoys playing the violin.

For more information or to arrange an interview with an MSMC physician, contact Kathy Schmitz at 414.475.4750.

About the Medical Society

Established in 1846, the Medical Society of Milwaukee County is an organization of physicians that provides leadership on critical health issues, such as prescription drug safety, to improve the overall health status of the community. We believe physicians have a profound impact on our community, inspiring hope and healing. The Medical Society of Milwaukee County is powered by the wisdom and expertise of its physician members. From families with young children to seniors who have lived generations, the health care needs of Milwaukee’s diverse community compel our work at the Medical Society of Milwaukee.

Medical Society of Milwaukee County
P.O. Box 13114, Milwaukee, WI 53213
Phone: 920-560-5637


Sequoia Capital Larry Ellison, Pete Bennett

 in 2008 I was able to get my Microsoft Universal subscription through a program called bizspark, that was through and winblad of winblad Hummer The Venture Capital firm now located in San Francisco.

How long after I got a call from Sequoia capital wanted media to do a proposal for a small project that I was just too busy work on I was dealing with lateral incidents where the FBI was in my offices and the Walnut Creek Police and none of it made any sense but today it does.

I never expected to cross correlate Larry Ellison with KinderCare, Attorney James greenan who I know personally and the murder of his son Nate greenan and Orinda not far from the mansion house murders which coincidentally is another Sequoia Capital Property that is entered my field of view.

The Honorable Leon Panetta now in charge of the special committee on Oracle has been getting updates for me.  After linking Ellison to Milken who is linked to Charles Charles hurwitz of the tree spiking incidents in Northern California and the likely bombing of Judy Berry by former FBI agent Frank Doyle Jr.

Oracle was born into the Precambrian era of computer software. The insight and acumen of its founder have since made it one of the great, enduring technology stories of all time.
Don recalls intersecting with a young Larry Ellison and the kernel of his idea.
Don Valentine
Larry understood software better than anybody we were ever exposed to. In the vernacular, he gets it. And to me, he’s the best manager in the history of Silicon Valley.
Don Valentine
When I was introduced to him, the company was called Relational Software, and their product name was Oracle. Which suggests that Larry has more than a faint sense of Olympian success.
Don Valentine
They were in the software business, doing custom development — which is sort of renting yourself out by the hour. And we invested on the premise that I would spend time on marketing, where the highlight of our early conversations was: Why are we in the business of custom software, selling time by the hour? Much better would be to figure out a category of product, develop it, and sell it broadly to a whole bunch of hardware makers.
Don Valentine
Now, the computer business then was very simple: You had IBM and everybody else. People were despondent about entering the business because of IBM's dominance. It was perceived to be like going into the gladiator pit without a sword, and so big corporations and startups were not interested.
Don Valentine
But this was the minicomputer financing boom, so we said, “Let's figure out what the minicomputer manufacturers have in the way of software, and see if there's not a void we can fill.”
Don Valentine
And they hit upon the idea of doing what IBM was good at, but in a space IBM didn't sell into, which was the database software — and in Larry's case, the relational database software model that he and Bob Miner evolved.
Don Valentine
You have to remember that software then was never called an app, and it never sold for $1.99. It sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus an installation fee, plus an annual upgrade. It was a huge product, a huge category of things you had to do for the customer that no one could resolve except IBM. And Larry effectively did an end run going to the minis, where they had nothing by comparison.
Don Valentine
It was a market from heaven, and they jumped into it without a lot of competition, and just kept evolving the relational database product.
Don Valentine
Larry is a very peculiar concept guy. He doesn’t want to talk about accounts receivable and that kind of thing. He's the guy who knows the future evolutions of software from a customer point of view, and he backs that thinking into his huge development department.
Don Valentine
There was no obvious promise that he’d be so visionary when we engaged as an investor. But that was 30-some years ago, and he's still knocking it out of the park. Still coming up with astonishing organizational ideas.
Oracle is the world’s second largest software company by revenue. Its business has grown to encompass the entire enterprise technology stack, and Oracle remains — after nearly 40 years — the global leader in database software. The company went public in 1986.
Enterprise information management software.
  • Founded 1977
  • Partnered 1983
  • Larry Ellison

The Unarmed Constituent-The Coroners Coverup

When you got Dick on your side he's got your witnesses cooled off in the morgue.

 for years I pondered how I lost Bennett versus Southern Pacific then one day I pieced it together with a very careful timeline.

That explains why I've been put in jail 22 times, he'll Sue Raney of Walnut Creek and Richard Rainey and his powerful friends were able to kidnap my sons.

When former County legal counsel is on your side they make sure the paperwork gets buried.

 this is the son of an attorney that represented KinderCare owned by Larry Ellison, in the same building of 101 Ygnacio Valley Road Walnut Creek was once the Empire of Lawrence Investments suddenly Bennett removed from Oracle world in September 2019 not long after Lawrence Investments suddenly closed on the fourth floor is another bucket of Mormons that donate that was killed.

On the first floor is the law firm that represented the narcotics task force.

The author of this memo today is Pete Bennett who knows all these people either personally or one degree away and they absolutely know who he is in a lot of them not at all have tried to kill Bennett when that didn't work they begin to kill us Witnesses

#deadwitness RIP Kellie Reed - Dave I am sorry for your loss

There is an obtuse connection between soccer moms confidential pound on 48 hours and Kelly.  Her boyfriend was a great sax player and we know each other from the stage, he showed me the police report and I know there's no way she was .34 drunk but it sounds just like on my other friend Janice Farris blame for the Caldecott Tunnel explosion in 1982

 in 2014 she was working at Tiki Toms located on Olympic Boulevard in Walnut Creek where Johnny Silva died, Michael McNulty and Robert Frazier my assailant in 2014 was gunned down three days after district attorney Mark Peterson resigned from office

 this is part of a story in the matter of Bennett versus Southern Pacific where someone killed my witness the judge ended up in Montana and the ultimate liability leads to Philip Anschutz the billionaire out of Denver.

Friends with Michael Milken pardon by President Trump and Pete Bennett just had to ship kicked out of them enough times to know he has a big target on his back
Dave was killed in jail homeless client of Trinity Center Walnut Creek center of tossing homeless to the street where they die by hypothermia.

My grandfather represented Joseph P. Kennedy as a their CPA, David Leslie Milne died 62, the son of client was assassinated?
It is vert likely Presindent Trump may pardoned Michael milken not knowing about the murder in Bennett v. Southern Pacific connected Chairman Philip Anschutz the predecessor of Enron which the demolotion of building 7 during 9/11.

The SEC investigation came down inside Building 7.

No Paper, No Case because there wad no clouds? 

Lockerbie and Epstein

Why Epstein?

The mysterious cloud over the source of Epstein wealth, his connection to David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank and via the Gawker list Pete Bennett matches up Svetlana Griazanova to Bennett's grandparents David Leslie Milne.

Upon his the 1962 death of his Grandfather a trust valued in the millions was left in the hands of David Rockefeller eventually the trust dwindled to far less than millions.  

There is a curious series of fires occurring at the apartment in 1973 which was big news when the local penthouse catches on fire.  Bennett being young remembers papers that today he recognized at Standard Oil and Railroad Bonds,  Those files disappeared after the fires.  Bennett was too young to argue about events.  

Epstein arrived on the New York money scene within that same time frame and just happened to acquired Rockefeller as a client.   

1988 Prince Andrew visits Alamo CA 


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