A Collection of Witnesses Killed

#deadwitness: David Filkins Bremer and the Target Data Breach

 #deadwitness David Filkins Bremer

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Murdered Witness: Alicia Driscoll

The brother of Alicia Driscoll was involved as an operating engineer in this explosion located in Walnut Creek California. The explosion was in early November 2004.

Pete Bennett met Alicia in December when she responded to the play structure for sale in my backyard.

More than one of the Mormons in my neighborhood saw her visit oh, I relocated to Walnut Creek we stayed connected and eventually she said let's have a picnic.

She never called I lost track of events dealing with my own legal issues and 9 years later she shows up on the front page as a murder victim.

This explosion was completely staged and covered up by Contra Costa district attorney Mark Peterson and his predecessors that also includes the murders of several of my Witnesses hence



#deadwitness: Robert Frazier

Robert Frazier Local bouncer around Contra Costa County

Rob worked at Tiki Toms, Brew and Crew, WPLJ's, Nica Lounge and Lift Lounge

Robert Fraizer

City Attorney of Concord

Robert Frazier attacker of Pete Bennett on Halloween night 2014 put Bennett in the hospital.  Luckily Bennett knocked out his front teeth.  

Frazier was never arrested, never charged and likely would be alive but his BS approach to the world got him killed. 

The owner of Nica Lounge was friends with murder victim Courtney Brown leading to tactics used to bring down Crogans where the City of Walnut Creek to use the deemed appropriate ABC rules to force Crogans out of business.  

In 1995, Pete Bennett owner of the Clone Zone dealt with intruders with a gun. Officers with a gun played Election detective when Kamala Harris was in charge of protecting elections. 

Excuse me she has forget to tell the world that the following public officials have been killed as you be the judge.  


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