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Accenture, Symantec, Wells Fargo, Seeno Construction, PG&E and Southern Pacific

1962 ~ The Death of the Connected Grandfather NYC

David L. Milne is the grandfather of Pete Bennett. Mr. Milne represented or was connected to David Rockefeller, Marvin Pierce (Father of Barbara Bush) and the Kennedy Family.  

Mr. Milne died in 62 when his grandson was very young (Born 1957) left the estate in the hands of Chase Manhattan Bank.  The final distribution occurred upon the death Dorothea Leslie Milne Bennett in August 1995.  Ms. Bennett was  last beneficiary and the last trust was created in 1993 by Attorney Michael Harrington. 


417 Park Avenue 12c New York NY

As young  boy Pete Bennett stayed over the family apartment with mom, his aunt (twins) and Dorothea Carver Milne (Grandmother) which could be considered the Penthouse with maid quarters above.  There were several fires blamed on his aunt which created a ruckus on Park Ave.  

As a young boy the family would visit for brunch with the family of David Rockefeller.  Mr. Milne was a Partner at Patterson, Teele and Dennis located at 120 Broadway.  In that same building was and still is McCalls Magazine.  

sSearch Results

Connecting George H.W. Bush, Marvin Pierce and David Leslie Milne

Web results

Bush (grandson) Jeb Bush (grandson) Marvin Pierce (June 17, 1893 – July 17, 1969) was president of McCall Corporation, the publisher of the popular women's magazines Redbook and McCall's. He was the father of United States First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush, the maternal grandfather of former U.S. President George W.
Occupation‎: ‎President of ‎McCall Corporation‎, ...
Died‎: ‎July 17, 1969 (aged 76); ‎Rye, New York‎, U.S
Relatives‎: ‎George H. W. Bush‎ (son-in-law);Ge...
Children‎: ‎4, including Barbara Pierce Bush

Dec. 2013 The Letter to Fremont Group San Francisco 

The letter was sent to Fremont Group early December 2013 after Pete Bennett uncovered that Alamo 1st Mormon and Attorney Richard (Rick) Stanford Kopf was the same attorney Southern Pacific defense attorney during Bennett vs. Southern Pacific where Bennett lost millions.  

Kopf and more than one Alamo 1st Attorney are same suspects behind the August 2004 attempt on Bennett's life when his truck exploded on NB 680.  This event similar to events during the late 80s litigation where the plaintiffs hand was nearly severed.  Judge Peter Spinetta valued the permanent injury was worth $7,500 but Bennett witnessed him sitting with other corrupt Walnut Creek Police officers connected to the armed robbery of the Clone Zone in 1995.  Just like all events near perjury conviction of DA Mark Peterson there is no record which is no different the Coroners report by then Sheriff Richard Rainey.  

When you need a deed to be undone in Contra Costa you call your "friends" in power.   

The letter to Richard Kopf arrived during the Federal Indictments with officers and attorneys involved the Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Scandal who arrived in Bennett's residence during 2004 where they also stole his gold coin collection valued at one point close $40,000.  

The arson case was covered with the help of the Mormon Community and the Mormon connection to Oracle is quite obvious when you factor in a former Oracle President.  

Hey Ric! lets do that Sunday Testimony where we share shit!

Did this man order the hit that ended Bennett's business?

Attorney Kevin Lally - former Deputy Counsel with current County Counsel Sharon Anderson each handling cases with land charges connected to Southern Pacific as they abandoned tracks, right of ways and crossings.  


Hang em' high then later kidnapped the sons of Pete Bennett 

December 2013 ~ Accenture CEO Pierre Nanterme 

The CEO with over 200,000 employees many on the H-1b visa reviews Bennett's linkedIN profile. 


This part of the trust is not the version Bennett remembers but his version was taken by members of Alamo 1st Ward Alamo CA. 

Bennett losses over $500,000 and the former leadership of Walnut Creek PD refused to investigate because the Bennett family represents officers from the City of Walnut Creek, Contra Costa Sheriff and likely a long list of prosecutors with obvious connections to subsequent District Attorneys 

Sept. 2014 ~ The Strack Murders 

Less than 10 months later five members of family connected to Pete Bennett and those of connected high school friends were dead.  

The Actors and Co-conspirators in the witness murder in Bennett vs. Southern Pacific Transportation  
Connecting Accenture, Southern Pacific, Bechtel, Fremont Group, CBRE to Bennett vs. Southern Pacific  


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