A Collection of Witnesses Killed

Outsourced to Suicide at Bank of America Concord CA

When this story broke in 2003 it was about the same time that I started appearing on CNN and ABC and other media stations.

Two years later my friend and daughter were murdered her brother works for the district attorney his name is Commander George Driscoll the other brother involved in the pipeline explosion involving Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan but also of Enron Fame.

The common denominator is forensic Medical Group run by dr. Brian Peterson who did the autopsies on Laci Peterson a few years earlier and likely came up with a subjective suicide cause of effect with Kevin Flanagan add several other Witnesses near me and other cases one is my friend Chris Spence former real estate agent with Keller Williams found dead of a shotgun are the dog hit the trigger and the owner died

Documenting the dead so you can make your own decision.

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