A Collection of Witnesses Killed

August 2014 fatal flight 5 Realtors from Danville

The tragedies kept coming like as if it was a factory of mayhem crashes and witness murders.

We moved to Danville in 1996 had our first son got married and overtime Realtors would come looking to buy the house or introduce themselves asking if you wanted to buy a house if we wanted to sell the house or refinance.

These two nice ladies walked up saying they represented as so-and-so agency and that they were a team Davis some flyers and business.

That's how I met Floria Hakimi nicest lady in the world, genuine and honest. I don't remember the other person but a common tactic before the internet was so big was panning for customers in the old belly-to-belly way face2face Hi how are you doing I'm here to having him a personal conversation with you.

By 2003 my software career was tanking oh, I shut my Corporation down close my offices and pulled back into the house, income was crashing little did I know that my grass roots activism had a lot to do with my name being passed around to corporations put on a do not hire.

I change gears and started doing mortgages in Danville because the recruiters now dominated by mostly Indian Nationals we're telling me I needed to reinvent myself.

I started doing mortgages it first at Mount Diablo mortgage then second at Diablo funding and then lastly Charter, made some commissions but nothing stellar just enough to pay the short-term Freight.

This very nice lady that work next door at Better Homes and Gardens then single Lara Shepherd.  She had a art and history degree and we would talk about American history because of my family history which is all the way back to the Mayflower.

Then I remember seeing Scott Shepherd in Peet's Coffee Walnut Creek, the location of several other plane crashes of Pilots that I've known.

The other two way under my age radar treatment of met them other than I might have seen the DJ different events but I typically didn't go go to DJ events.

You can find legal documents binding Scott Shepherd, plumpjack, KKR, and other notable financing.

It appears mr. Shepherd setup some of plumpjacks real estate holdings and that reads to Gavin Newsom who is the founder of plumpjack


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