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The Lynching Sheriff of Contra Costa County

The key to the lynchings leads to the Sheriff/Coroner

Pete Bennett reached a conclusion about a series of deaths of blacks, witnesses and suspects. In 1982 one of Bennett's employees shot dead in 1982 just days after hiring a black man in Pittsburg California

Sherrif Richard Rainey


Sherrif Warren Ruph


The Lynching of Timothy Lee

Mr. Lee fell asleep on BART which in 1984 ended at the Concord BART Station.

Like flyer says "Protest Racist, Sexits and Anti-Gay Attacks and STOP KKK Terror

Mr. Timoty Lee

There is a definite strain,” said Tahnjah Poe, a young black woman who moved out of Concord last because of the harassment she said she and her son suffered at the hands of some local whites

That assessment is shared by others, such as William Callison, a white man who told police he received an anonymous threatening telephone call after he went to the FBI and challenged the coroner’s conclusion that Lee had committed suicide

TanJah Poe

Largely overlooked is Ms. Poe was quoted in the LA Times article covering the Concord Human Comission. She met her fate after relocating out of Concord.


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