A Collection of Witnesses Killed

Witness Profile Attorney Kevin Lally

Mr. Lally and Mr. Bennett each have overlapping case histories with mutual connections series and motions in the same courtroom in the late 80s.

Mr. Bennett has been on the losing side of every case he is ever filed since 1990.

Mr. Bennett has strong connections to Southern Pacific, Contra Costa County, Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz and a very challenging connection to billionaire Larry Ellison.

In 1990 it was very clear the Contra Costa sheriff's department and coroner covered up the murder in his case against Southern Pacific.

The victim hidden from you until Bennett ran into another witness as said where were you he said you didn't hear but Floyd Brown jr. Have been murdered.

I went back to my wife in the Mormon community and somehow the Mormon Church found out mostly the Alamo 1st and Danville steak and then the attacks began.

The former partner in The Firm James s greenan represented KinderCare coincidentally a former customer of Mainframe designs cabinet fixtures forced to close after near terrorist attack on his business occurred in the late 80s.

Never did Pete Bennett expect to Marion to the Mormon church but also Marriott's the people that strongly correlate two judges attorneys Sheriff's and District Attorney's connected to his murder of his witness.


Kevin D. Lally is a founding partner of Greenan, Peffer, Sallander & Lally, LLP. Mr. Lally’s practice has covered a wide range of civil litigation matters in state and federal courts. He has developed particular expertise in eminent domain law, Petroleum Marketing Practices Act litigation and general real estate litigation. He has handled a wide variety of litigation matters in areas such as securities violations and misappropriation of trade secrets which brings a broad background to his efforts in counseling clients.

Mr. Lally’s eminent domain practice has involved cases on both sides of the fence. He has represented public agencies such as Contra Costa County, the City of Fremont, the City of Mountain View, the City of Concord and others while also representing private property owners whose property and/or businesses are being acquired for a public project. His exposure to these different interests has allowed him to have a more pragmatic approach to the resolution of disputes. Mr. Lally has tried right-to-take issues, business goodwill cases, inverse condemnation claims, CEQA compliance in an eminent domain case, and the valuation of full and partial acquisitions. Mr. Lally has lectured before the California County Counsel’s Association and the International Right-of-Way Association on the issues arising in the handling of eminent domain litigation.

Mr. Lally’s Petroleum Marketing Practices Act litigation is exclusively on behalf of service station dealers. He is the general counsel for the California Service Station and Automotive Repair Association and has been involved in litigation and negotiation with major oil companies and their franchise dealers. In connection with this litigation, he has developed an understanding and sympathy for the plight of the service station dealer who is often at risk for the loss of his livelihood through the conduct of the oil companies which have far superior economic strengths. Litigation in this area is only considered as a last resort with negotiation and mediation a more attractive option. However, if litigation is not potentially available to a service station dealer, he may lose all ability to negotiate with the oil company. Mr. Lally has assisted service station dealers with the acquisition of the real estate on which their businesses are located with Valero Oil Company, Chevron, Shell, and Texaco. Mr. Lally and the firm are uniquely qualified to represent service station dealers in all aspects of the ownership and operation of a service station business.

Born in New York and raised in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Lally received his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College in 1977. He received his law degree from the University of California Hasting College of Law in 1980. He was formerly a member of Cox, Garrett, Nagle & Lally, a professional corporation and the predecessor firms to Greenan, Peffer, Sallander & Lally, LLP.


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