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#deadwitness Kenneth Lay former CEO of Enron Corporation

One Houston Day With Ken Lay

Actually, One Day At Your Library, they beat Pete Bennett, yes that hurt.   Then Bad Cops arrive with guns and a corrupt judge they blown up your truck visible to the Danville Police Department   and then after that   they go to Springville Utah where they kill children.

With Lay out of the way we "Pulled It"


Ken Lay (l) and Jeffery Skilling (r)

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The above pictures down range from the November 2004 explosion. What was excluded from the litigation is the uncle also in the picture was an operating engineer working for Pipeline Contractor Mountain Cascade.

Ken Lay (l) and Jeffery Skilling (r)

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Indicted related to the failure of Enron Corporation.  The link to 9/11 lead to documents lost held at the SEC in building 7. That building known as the third building came down late in the afternoon. No planes just fire that spread through the building that came straight down. That's right a free fall into a pancake.


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