A Collection of Witnesses Killed

FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr. Bomb Squad Trainer to the officers arresting Pete Bennett


Mythbusters and FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr.

Mythbusters and FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr.

The following stories have been culled from FBI Records and Cases plus the personal experiences of Pete Bennett and Agent Doyle.

  • Bacterial Warfare via linkSpinal Meningitis?
  • Murders near California Legislature
  • One Danville CA building inspector falls after being identified as a witness
  • > One nice hairdresser/Starbucks barrista killed by police - crazed drugged event
  • One US Programmer seeking job in tech - flips kills Police Officer
  • One builder crashes in UT
  • Many are witnesses to the story with the three cops now in Federal Prison
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Kinder Morgan Explosion

Expert Investigation connecting the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad, Contra Costa District Attorney Kinder Morgan, CalFIRE Pipeline Safety Group

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