A Collection of Witnesses Killed

Murder and Incident Mapping Project

Status: Unfinished Page learn why at "The FBI Investigation!"

Murder and Incident Mapping Project

Incident Data

Collected and compiled by Pete Bennett. This page like many was lost when one of many of Bennett's laptops, servers and systems lost in connection to long history of cases covered up in the Bay Area. Good investigators stymied by a few.

About Data
About the incidents: Bennett moved to Contra Costa County in 1978. Not long after he arrived he was invited to attend a meeting in Clayton CA. Bennett was handed a wooden token and address in Clayton. Around that time periods his close friend (bi-sexual) was held up at gun point.
Pete Bennett
Founder, Adviser and Former CEO/President
of Authentic Technologies Walnut Creek, California started
in the business world in the 1970s where he emulated later.

Martinez Incident Map


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