A Collection of Witnesses Killed

Target Scooters are fun to ride as Pete Bennett today has trouble walking

The December 2019 was as close to fatal as it gets. 
By May he was having troubling walking
He dropped to the floor at Kaiser 
They called the next day with the news Bennett suffered a stroke 

Bennett don't
ask for help if you we're gonna arrest you. 

These and other officers have raged a constant campaign on Bennett driving him out of business from six separate business locations starting right after . 

The Lester Garnier Murder Investigation and reward is a lie. 
Bennett came forward for the $250,000 reward
 Bennett now homeless, labeled a vagrant by police everywhere he goes.  
Beaten many times
It must be a union thing

This man has endured 100 concussions or more, broken fingers, mangled left hand, head on collision, rear end whiplash, attacks with broken noses, fractured eye socket and and attacked by the guard in the Walnut Creek Library and another attack where he was placed in a karate pulled by somebody that was likely a police officer.

 then it was about to file Amicus brief with PG&E on the bankruptcy and the proceedings the study ended up in the hospital.

 when he tried to collect his money from PG&E he was threatened with arrest at 55 Beale Street.

In July 2020 an attorney that was likely going to represent him was murdered in Southern California.

I guess I'm better off riding on red then dead

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