A Collection of Witnesses Killed

Tech Deaths and President Trump

A moment 

Pete Bennett founder of 

His domain now in the hands of the Chinese Mafia?

Bennett first appeared on CNN in 2002 then other reporters followed suit and began calling eventually the Contra Costa Times, Mercury News, Chronicle and Main Stream Media.  

Eventually Senator Chuck Grassley asked if Bennett could testify in Congress sometime in 2004.  Things didn't go as planned.  His truck exploded, then severely beaten, then a police officer pulled him pulled his gun out began calling Bennett a drug dealer, burglar and a host of other ridiculous allegations.  

1. Adobe Inc.

2. Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers

3., Inc.

4. Apple Inc.

5. Atlassian, Inc.

6. Autodesk, Inc.

7. Bates White, LLC

8. Box, Inc.

9. BSA Business Software Alliance, Inc. d/b/a BSA | The Software Alliance

10. Consumer Technology Association

11. Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

12. Dropbox, Inc.

13. Facebook, Inc.

14. Education Fund

15. GitHub, Inc.

16. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

17. HP Inc.

18. HR Policy Association

19. Information Technology Industry Council

20. Institute of International Bankers

21. Intel Corp.

22. Internet Association

23. Juniper Networks, Inc.

24. LinkedIn Corporation

25. Metro Atlanta Chamber

26. Microsoft Corporation

27. Netflix, Inc.

28. New Imagitas, Inc.

29. North Texas Commission

30. Partnership for a New American Economy Research Fund

31. PayPal, Inc.

32. Plaid Inc.

33. Postmates Inc.

34. Reddit, Inc.

35., inc.

36. SAP SE

37. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)

38. ServiceNow, Inc.

39. Shutterstock, Inc.

40. Silicon Valley Bank

41. Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

42. Splunk Inc.

43. Square, Inc.

44. SurveyMonkey Inc.

45. Twitter, Inc.

46. Uber Technologies, Inc.

47. Upwork Inc.

48. Vail Valley Partnership

49. VMware, Inc.

50. Workday, Inc.

51. Xylem Inc.

52. Zillow Group, Inc.


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