A Collection of Witnesses Killed

The FICO Murders of US Attorney Thomas C. Wales and FICO programmer Richard Wales

US Attorney Murder

The murder of a US Attorney is a big story that occurred just after 9/11 and the murders of many at a movie theater that competed with Regal Cinemas may have gone unnoticed by police and investigators.  Bennett being a long term software developer connected to several decades of investigations accidentally stumbled upon a connection while searching for answers with another 9/11 event connected to SBCGlobal, Anthrax, and a devastation computer virus.  

The murder of Wales leads to question regarding the failure of Microsoft to patch Windows NT workstations.  The perfect storm that failed the tech industry caused billions in damages came through the SBCGlobal network on 9/18/2001 on networks controlled by Peter A. Darbee then COO of Pacific Bell.   

James Holmes father is a programmer with a FICO Acquisition located in San Diego 

FICO ~ Connection Details 


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