#deadwitness ~ Oracle, Accenture, SalesForce, Microsoft, Private Equity and Venture Capital. Setups, M&A, Hostile Takeovers

Trinity Center - The homeless discrimination center - take the public money call yourself private

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Board of Directors

  • Molly Pfau Clopp,  Chair
  • Dave Stewart,  Vice-Chair
  • Leslie Dawson, CFO, Executive Committee
  • Richard Carlston, Secretary
  • Andrew Mekjavich, External Committee
  • Iman Novin, Business Development
  • Sandy Cruze, Analytics

Executive Steering Committee

The Executive Steering Committee is responsible for strategic planning.

  • Molly Pfau Clopp,  Chair
  • Dave Stewart, Vice Chair
  • Leslie Dawson, CFO
  • Richard Carlston, Secretary
  • Leslie Gleason, Executive Director

Advisory Council

  • Donna Colombo, Founder & past Executive Director
  • Laurie Fox, Human Resources
  • Sue Rainey, Community Development
  • Julie Capell | Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Employment Services

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