A Collection of Witnesses Killed

2020 Walnut Creek City Council Candidate Kevin Wilk

Matching Donors to Candidates - you can see when you read enough


  • Kevin Wilk 
  • Mayor Rich Carlston (ret.)
  • Ronald Cassano, City Treasurer
  • Karen Cohen
  • Michael Cohen
  • Linda Rimac Colberg
  • Samantha Francois, Planning Commission
  • Barry Gordon
  • Sue Hamill
  • Katha Hartley
  • Mayor Kathy Hicks (ret.)
  • Gerald Hicks
  • Brian Hirahara
  • Jerry Kaplan, Planning Commission (former)
  • Peter Lezak, Planning Commission
  • Gage Mettler
  • Jill Okimoto
  • Mayor Sue Rainey, (ret.)
  • State Senator Richard K. Rainey (ret.)
  • Rayna Ravitz
  • Richard Ravitz
  • Steve Reiser
  • Nan Siegel
  • Mayor Gary Skrel (ret.)
  • Andrea Kelly Smethurst
  • Rob Stankus
  • Marilyn Weiss, Design Review Commission
  • Nessa Wilk
  • Diane Crowley Young
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