A Collection of Witnesses Killed

#deadwitness - James Jack Coon killed in Iraq under General David Petraeus in Balad where Commander George Driscoll served

Remember this man as if he was your own.  Pete Bennett discovered the connections between Walnut Creek, Nordstroms, Broadway Plaza and Iraq starting in 2012.  The Coon family relocated to Paradise  where other witnesses and victims coincidently are from Walnut Creek or East Bay.  

Marie Coon was his step mom but also the Nordstroms Tailor often tasked with alterations for Pete Bennett.  After she learned the truth she was found dead in Lake Arrowhead CA.  

Today Bennett matched up a few issues that place a CIA Agent from the East Bay in the same general locations Spc. James Coon was based. Bennett stumbled into a several subordinates who helped fill in critical missing details.  


Joint Base Balad Joint Operations Base in Balad, Iraq

Joint Base Balad was one of the multitude of military installations maintained and used by the United States of America in Iraq. It was known under multiple names, including Balad Air Base, Al Bakr Air Base, Camp Anaconda or LSA Anaconda. The base was one of the widest ones run by the Americans. Its history was pretty small, as it was then disestablished after the official withdrawal from 2011. It was handed back to the new Iraqi government. The base was located about 65 kilometers away from Baghdad and could easily host more than 36,000 individuals. During its peak, it hosted about 28,000 military troops and more than 8,000 civilian contractors and employees. It was also among the bases with the most advanced facilities, not to mention about its attraction towards politicians, authorities, officials and celebrities


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