A Collection of Witnesses Killed

#deadwitness ~ The What's Missing Murder Cases

District Attorney Priviledge

A #deadwitness whodunit as is the three murders each connected in a way no one could connected but including other cases reveals the What's Missing Pattern .

The Kinder Care Murders

The Murder Case: Bennett vs. Southern Pacific lost in 1989 when key witness Floyd Brown Jr. was murdered in Concord. The problem was the murder was covered up by Sheriff/Coroner Richard Rainey along with several other hate crimes between 1979 and 1992 when Rainey was elected to a Public Office.

The Murder Case: Pete Bennett performed at Vinnies during open Mic in March 2012. Nate performed as well. A month later he was dead.

The Murder Case: Bennett was arrested several days after the Open Mic where Deputy Vince Jimenez placed a dangerous inmate in his cell and then denied his meds. The other inmate well to fly off handle and take down anyone in site.

The murder of John Newman on Monument Blvd. and once again the Cororner got creative in thier reports.

The Kinder Care Details

Connection: Kinder Care: wholly owned subsidiary of Knowledge Universe.

Connection: Knowledge Universe wholly owned subsidiary controlled by Michael Milken and Larry Ellison.

Left: Nathaniel Greenan
Raised in the Mormon Church in Alamo CA and son of Attorney ames S. Greenan

Right: Lawrence Ellison
Founder of Kinder Care retained James S. Greenan of Greenan Peffer Sallander & Lally LLP for litigation related to Kinder Care.

The Murder Coverups:
Bennett vs. Southern Pacific lost in 1989 when key witness Floyd Brown Jr. was murdered in Concord. 
At the helm was Sheriff/Coroner Richard Rainey and his officer was in charge of other local hate crimes documented as suicides. Rainey held the office 1979 and 1992 then elected to a Public Office.


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