A Collection of Witnesses Killed

#deadwitness ~The CIA Databases Developed by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison reveals facts on CIA Murders of my friends in 1975

My buds in 1975 before some died.

more to come

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Chiquita Blvd.  a/k/a the Columbian Runway
This is Pete Bennett and his pals being more than slightly wild on Chiquita Blvd. located in Cape Coral Fl. where the local open secret was drug landing strip.  When analyzing flight times, locations and distances the location is a perfect way point for Mena Airport.  
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Gary Webb - former reporter for Contra Costa Times 
Mr. Webb published a great story regarding the drugs coming in Los Angeles during the 1985. That was the dawn of crack designed to destroy neighborhoods, keep values down and kill as many as possible while those behind the Real Estate Investment Trust industry slowly use a series of corporate shields to "acquire" the land.   

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Phillip Marshall - Author of False Flag 9/11 
This man found me in Walnut Creek at Panera Bread.  Once he started talking it was clear he knew about Chiquita Blvd. was used as a CIA Runway.  Several of my friends in the above picture were killed just a few months later.  One died while drilling a hole in the trailer while standing in water.

Another was killed via a car accident.  


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