A Collection of Witnesses Killed

The Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce

The CNET Officers and Co-Conspirators - The Impossible Sequence

Catalina, Paul, Felix, Eustacio, Elizabeth, Jineva, Grieg, Fuchs, Robbie Smith, Beat the Black Woman

The Bucket List of Liars, Thieves and Traitors

A panalopy of public officials swore to the Oath of Office but forgot what they said

Commander George Driscoll

Older brother/uncle of murder victims Alicia Driscoll and Jineva (5), served under General Pretraous, 30 years serving with the Navy NCIS

Commmander Norman Wielsch

Older brother/uncle of murder victims Alicia Driscoll and Jineva (5), served under General Pretraous, 30 years serving with the Navy NCIS

PI/Former Cop Chris Butler

Arrested in Februarty 2011 was the same PI in Bennett's residence in September 2004 after Bennett endured a brutal attak by Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins.

Stephen Tanabe

Resides in Danville living is house owned by Peterson Family Trust. The trust is controlled by Pacific Energy Development via President Michael Peterson brother of DA Mark Peterson charged and convicted of perjury in 2017.

Ashley Brennan

Appeared in CBS 48 Hours in Soccer Moms Confidential with Butler, Wielsch and the PI Moms. Later she appears working at Lift Lounge on Locust Street where she revealed whe was friends with Chuck Silverman killed on Pleasant Hill Road

FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr.

Benny Chetcuti Jr.

This person is one of several links between San Bruno and Walnut Creek. I've traced Chetcuti's business scams to Daly City, San Bruno, the East Bay, and beyond. Unfortunately there is old crowd from Bing Crosby's in the local real estate/mortgage/banker/developers who are interwoven. There are many designs, overlapping designs with circles that look like the old Amway meetings from the 70s. One particular real estate deal links Benny to
The Bing Lapus/ Benny Chetcuti / Roozzee real estate transaction connection is the main reason Lafayette Chief Christiansen refused to investigate my 2011 Hit and Run likely connected to the PG&E Laptop theft that I'm going to say is one of the worst domestic terrorism incidents in the country.  It's likely the maps were used to take out the Metcalf Station Attack.

Stephen Tanabe

Lived down the street from me in Danville. Prime suspect in blowing up my truck but arson is a tool Law Enforcement uses in Contra Costa County to solve problems.
It was attempted murder, it was premeditated, planned and likely connected to Alamo 1st Mormons, my ex-wife and the Danville Police.

Gary Vinson Collins

The core suspect in the Bennett/Collins/Danville Incident where Mr. Collins was allowed to beat a resident (300# to 160#) and try to kill said resident and was allowed to leave.
Sounds like a Hobbs Act Violation to me.

Louis Lombardi

This officer worked for San Ramon Police under Sheriff's department contract but Lombardi pulled me over on Green Valley Road, used his weapon as pulling his weapon then along with Danville Officers Tierney, Paul Murphy and Mike Ireland ran a full blown campaign of tickets that were further enforced when Judge Joel Golub added over time became $17,000 in fines that's keep me driving.

Tim Schultz (Captain)

Decided to falsely accuse Bennett of assault and battery on a City Employee in August 2012 the City Employees who later attacked Bennett at Panera Bread were OK to attack this resident as like all other Walnut Creek police investigations it's OK to beat residents when you belong to the UNION and covered by the Municipal Pooling Authority

Eric Bergen (PPD)

Convicted of murdering my friend Cynthia Kempf in 1988 during a failed takeover robbery.

George Elsie

Convicted of murdering my friend Cynthia Kempf in 1988 during a failed takeover robbery at the Pittsburg CA Railroad Ave Safeway

Paul Murphy

Creator of faked police reports which preceded the deadly Kinder Morgan Explosion in 2004 which is probably connected to Gary Vinson Collins who like many Cotra Costa Witnesses ends up dead.

Greg Thompson

Liked to drink at Dallimonte's bar - tried to attack me at the Martinez B of A stating he was going to drop me but he wasn't too happy when I verbally blasted him about his connections to CNET. Just another retiree from Walnut Creek beating on residents. Mr. Fish is actually a Walnut Creek Police officer that used to drink with Oberhoffer, Peter Branagh's personal secretary and that's where Randall Wanser hung out as well. It's in the neighborhood, the building is owned by one of Seeno's friends and that's why I got such a good deal.  It was too good to be true but in 2010 vacancy rates were high.

Mary Nolan

San Ramon Attorney convicted of tax evasion and conspiracy. She is not the only attorney to use Butler but currently is only attorney convicted and then disbarred.

Joel Bryden

Former Chief of Walnut Creek Police who o November 2nd 2011 was given documents/information regarding attorney Merritt Wiesinger, CNET and Danville Officers plus was fully informed of Bennett's FBI status, was one of several persons connected to CNET right around the time the FBI arrested Wielsch and Butler in 2011.  One conversation occured July 6th 2011, I was arrested the next day, then my PG&E laptop was breached, then my car was totaled in Lafayette CA by a police officer from San Francisco with connections to Hugh Smith (PG&E contractor) and Walnut Creek Police officers.

Mike Chan (Sgt)

Worked with Captain TIm Shultz who decided Bennett attacked a city worker. This allegation emerged a week after Bennett's car was totaled by a police officers connected to Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Pleasant Hill with cover provided by Lafayette Police

Illegal Acts?

Good Question writ of mandate
(mandamus) n. a court order to a government agency, including another court, to follow the law by correcting its prior actions or ceasing illegal acts.

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