A Collection of Witnesses Killed

The Walnut Creek City Council - When you beat, arrest and jail the candidate he fears for his life

The former programmer skilled in Experian products

Pete Bennett former database developer with numerous projects connected to credit reporting services.  Past projects using credit reporting was Bank and Trade Verification, Tools for Alumni Location, credit parsing and capture for using with SASS Teams. 

The Bleeding Bennett Family

Running for Public Office in Walnut Creek or in Contra Costa if you're not in the "Insiders" expect your to place your life at risk. It sure looks like father son grandfather's all seem to suffer under harsh conditions.

Pete Bennett attacked and beaten in Walnut Creek California decided not to run for public office cuz he wanted to stay alive and the Town Council doesn't seem to get that fact very clearly so get ready here I come.

Millions of out of work US Programmers

Pete Bennett before he was targeted by companies hiring H-1b Visas projects around mortgage, banking and real estate often included applications pulling data from companies like Experian and Equifax.


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