A Collection of Witnesses Killed

US Attorney ROBERT S. MUELLER III, Two Murders near the 1978 Concord Hash Bust


Wow look at all that hash what a stash

Robert Mueller (left), assistant U.S. attorney, with Daniel Ad dario, federal special agent in charge, with huge hash seizure.Photo: Joe Rosenthal / The Chronicle 1978

Robert S. Mueller may be the most recognizable lawyer in America, a former FBI director now heading the special counsel investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

But he was just another young law enforcer when he was introduced to Chronicle readers more than four decades ago — in an Aug. 3, 1978, photo, standing next to a towering mound of confiscated hashish.

Richard K. Rainey – 1979-1992

Rainey rose up through the ranks, serving in every division before becoming the department's highest-ranking official. He was the first one to assume the Marshals’ function in addition to the roles of Sheriff and Coroner.

Like many of his predecessors, Rainey went on to serve the citizens of this county in different respects, first as an state Assemblyman and later as a Senator.

CA-El Dorado CA-Contra Costa

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