A Collection of Witnesses Killed

The Kobe Bryant - the murder of a Lakers Teammate never forgotten

The Kobe Bryant - the murder of one of the Lakers never forgotten

The family and business connections to Kobe Bryant if you follow cases near your investors you'll find my story is linked to Southern Pacific, Vegas, World Poker Tour and the Trump Tower Russians  

Kobe the Star ! 

In 1994, Kobe Bryant was in Walnut Creek California on family business when he popped in for a meeting where Pete Bennett was also waiting.  Nothing ground shaking, nothing extraordinary just his between high school and the NBA.  

He was preparing for a meeting.  Pete was ho-hum like great you're the best unsigned player in the country.  Pete left Kobe but will say he was the nicest person you'd ever meet.  

In one of Pete Bennett's significant court cases he lost millions and that loss is highly important to why the Fatal Flight should be consider a murder investigation.  

Something like planes, trains and automobiles.  In 2008 candidate for office Eric Nunn was killed.  

Make way for the winners by eliminating the best possible winners.   

Chairman of Southern Pacific

In 1994, Kobe Bryant was in Walnut Creek but five years earlier Pete Bennett was in a Contra Costa Superior Court not knowing someone from Southern Pacific behind the scenes was plotting to kill a witness.  

This man with his friends Larry Ellison, Junk Bond King Michael Milken, and corporate raider Charles Hurwitz were taking over Palco controllers of vast amounts of the California Redwood Forests.  

Southern Pacific then was a poor manager of rail assets,right of way, and systems.  The company eventually sold itself away in the mid-90's.   


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