A Collection of Witnesses Killed

The Locust Street Murder Odyssey

The Locust Street Murder Odessy


The Locust Street Murders

More than a few incidents and no question there is a problem.

A huge problem for the City of Walnut Creek as there are enough victims the only way this can happen is parties with eyes on the street every day. The Walnut Creek police has been "cleared" with a new department going forward.

Erika Lloyd

She worked on Locust Street, she was a regular face seen at coffee, clubs and Karaoke

She was a local stylist relocated to Alamo Plaza. Father a Police Officer from Baltimore MD

The Unfornate Connections

SFPD Cheif Fagan (2010), John T. Nejedly, SFPD Officer Lester Garnier, Officer Kenyon Youngstrom

Governor Newsom knows who I am but decided to find a bus for to throw me under.

Sydney West

This missing persons case bears resemblence to Allison Bayliss, Father is executive level large construction.

Ian Murdock

Creator of Debian, employee of Sun Microsystems sold to Oracle. Hmm

Has to be one of strangest suicides and vagrant arrests of all time.


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