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the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. "a fortunate stroke of serendipity"

Odd Coincidences of Death, Suicides, Murder Suicides plus a few children.

The fate of many lives mostly concentrated in Northern California, Bay Area or the East Bay.  This is a story of betrayal of public officials poisoning cases sending some to the gallows of prisons to cover their own deeds.  

The Last Days of Ron Gratksy

Ron Grantski, a surrogate father to Laci Peterson, died in his sleep Sunday at his Modesto home at age 71 after a lengthy spell of failing health

“We all wanted to be together,” said Rocha, Laci’s mother, of the burial plots she bought in mid-2003, after her pregnant, 27-year-old daughter and unborn grandson were killed  more >>

Supervisor Mitchoff

During June 2018 Greg Mitchoff, nephew of Contra Costa Supervisor Karen Mitchoff

Over the last 20 years a long list of elected and public officials refused to assist Pete Bennett. Just about every elected official rebuked Bennett sending him spiraling to homelessness. Simultanously his assets were stolen while enduring arrests, jail, tickets and fines. At one points the fines on his drivers license reached close to $20,000 via Judge Golub best described as the Dirty DUI Judge

The American Presidents


The Assassination

Sniper Cases
More >>

The CIA through the years

A unique insight of Amdahl, Oracle and analysis of several CIA agents connected to Bennett's Dilema. Porter Goss

The Accountants Grandson

Building side story about his family connections to the Kennedy Dynasty with a stories from the 1930s culled from JFK Library, Oral History and the New York Times.

American Programmer goes homeless after years of fraud

Pete Bennett relocated from Danville to Walnut Creek in January 2005 after being evicted from Danville. He was able to buy a van after a slew of vehicles were destroyed, vandalised or sabotaged beginning in the late nineties.

The Locust Street Murders

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A highly unusual amount of tragedies, murders, missing persons, damaged goods

Pete Bennett ~ The Musician

Pete picked his music career back in gear in 2008 when he scored an Ibanez Guitar outside of Guitar Center Concord. She left the store rejected over price. My buddy handed me a hundred along with my $75 and we were in business. The first Amp came cheap via another music friend.

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