A Collection of Witnesses Killed

Doordash: A Dasher Murder in Patterson NJ

DoorDash Murders

The the dark side of the gig economy. Who's nockin' at your door!

Petra Rhodan

43-year-old Petra Rhoden in the driver's seat of her car.

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A woman was fatally shot while making a DoorDash food delivery in New Jersey Friday night.

Police responded to reports of shots fired around 10:20 p.m. near Harrison Street and Rosa Parks Boulevard in Paterson and discovered 43-year-old Petra Rhoden in the driver's seat of her car, which had crashed through a fence and struck a shed.

Officers saw that Rhoden had been shot and performed CPR.

She was taken to a local hospital, where she died.

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Your Fearless Leaders? Threaten Bennett for arrest for attempting to get constituent services

While they March for Women one turns up missing two blocks away

One runs for president, another is part of home invasiion robbery and the other took years to assist.

The Constituent Avoidance Unit

Bennett set aside for any constituent services fighting corruption in Contra Costa so deep you'll never run out of rocks to flip ovee


#deadwitness - A room full of doom leaving a trail of tears.

Far Too Many Victims near Pete Bennett  

Card image cap

#deadwitness City clerk Deanna Despain found dead in Oakland

Public Officials

On it's own not too far out of bounds but when San Ramon City Clerk Patricia Perry killed in Murder Suicide

Deanna Despain

DeAnna Despain

City clerk Deanna Despain found dead in Oakland

Update 2:35 p.m. The Associated Press is reporting that Deanna Despain’s death was apparently because of a fall down a staircase in her home. She was found by her husband. There were no signs of foul play.
Deanna Despain, Berkeley’s city clerk, was found dead in her home on the 4100 block of Lyman Road in Oakland at 2 a.m. on Saturday morning. The Oakland police are treating the death as suspicious.
The coroner’s office is not yet releasing any information about the death, referring enquiries to the Oakland Police Department.
Despain became acting city clerk in June, 2008, with the retirement of Pamyla Means. She was appointed city clerk in May 2009. She had worked for the city for over 10 years. The birth of her child, on March 22 last year, was applauded at that evening’s City Council meeting.
“Deanna was super smart, she was really on top of things,” said Mark Rhoades, who worked with Despain when he was in the city’s planning department. “She cared a lot about the city.”
In the city offices today, word about Despain’s death spread without any official news. City staff said they were working with Despain’s family on an announcement, pending official word from the OPD.
Berkeleyside is awaiting information from the OPD and will provide updates as details emerge.

The Assassination of President Kennedy connected to the murder of David Leslie Milne

The Assassination of President Kennedy connected to the murder of David Leslie Milne

Mr. Milne, a Kennedy Advisor was likely killed in connection to the Joseph P. Kennedy connected all the back before WWII just like others of that time period before and after World War II.

Joseph P. Kennedy


John F. Kennedy


Robert F. Kennedy


John F. Kennedy Jr.


SEC Committed (1938)



OBIT: Wife of Dan Turton Legislative aide to President Obama

Ashley Turton

Card image cap

Wife of Dan Turton Legislative aide to President Obama. She was lost via tragic and very unusual fatal accident in the family garage defies logic. 

Ashley Turton

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ashley Turton
Born Elizabeth Ashley Westbrook
November 25, 1973
Greensboro, North Carolina
Died January 10, 2011 (aged 37)
Washington, DC
Nationality American
Occupation lobbyist, political staffer
Ashley Turton (November 25, 1973 – January 10, 2010) was a lobbyist for Progress Energy who was reportedly "likely involved with" the company's merger with Duke Energy.[1] She had been Special Assistant to Speaker of the House[2] Nancy Pelosi, chief of staff for Connecticut representative Rosa DeLauro and before that, aide to Missouri representative Dick Gephardt.[3] She was married to Dan Turton, the Obama administration's liaison to the House of Representatives.[4] They had three children.
On the morning of January 10, 2011 she had planned to drive to the airport for an air trip related to her work. Instead, a neighbor telephoned at 4:49 a.m. to report Turton's garage was on fire.[1] Inside the garage, firefighters discovered her body in her 2008 BMW X5 SUV.[5] Her death was investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department with assistance from the city fire department, two BMW engineers, and theATF.[6] The coroner's report found "acute alcohol intoxication" and said she died from "inhalation of products of combustion and thermal burns".[4] According to authorities, there was no indication of foul play and there were "no obvious signs of trauma".[7]



The Kobe Bryant - the murder of a Lakers Teammate never forgotten

The Kobe Bryant - the murder of one of the Lakers never forgotten

The family and business connections to Kobe Bryant if you follow cases near your investors you'll find my story is linked to Southern Pacific, Vegas, World Poker Tour and the Trump Tower Russians  

Kobe the Star ! 

In 1994, Kobe Bryant was in Walnut Creek California on family business when he popped in for a meeting where Pete Bennett was also waiting.  Nothing ground shaking, nothing extraordinary just his between high school and the NBA.  

He was preparing for a meeting.  Pete was ho-hum like great you're the best unsigned player in the country.  Pete left Kobe but will say he was the nicest person you'd ever meet.  

In one of Pete Bennett's significant court cases he lost millions and that loss is highly important to why the Fatal Flight should be consider a murder investigation.  

Something like planes, trains and automobiles.  In 2008 candidate for office Eric Nunn was killed.  

Make way for the winners by eliminating the best possible winners.   

Chairman of Southern Pacific

In 1994, Kobe Bryant was in Walnut Creek but five years earlier Pete Bennett was in a Contra Costa Superior Court not knowing someone from Southern Pacific behind the scenes was plotting to kill a witness.  

This man with his friends Larry Ellison, Junk Bond King Michael Milken, and corporate raider Charles Hurwitz were taking over Palco controllers of vast amounts of the California Redwood Forests.  

Southern Pacific then was a poor manager of rail assets,right of way, and systems.  The company eventually sold itself away in the mid-90's.   


The Murderous Railroads and the Junk Bond financier best buds with Philip Anschutz 1/3 owner of the Lakers

The Murderous Railroads 

How the former Chairman of Southern Pacific uses tactics to win cases, deactivate unprofitable rail lines or murder innocents for economic superiority.  This article exposes one key player connections to Southern Pacific and the relationship to the 1990 Judi Bari Bombing. 

The 1990 Judi Bari Bombing

The United States Department of Justice defended FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr. for nearly a decade regarding the allegations that Judi Bari and Daryl Cherney were bomb makers, blew themselves up and were deemed terrorists connected to tree spiking incidents affecting many Northern California loggers connected to PALCO.  



The Panalopy of Things of Distasteful Realities

The Panalopy of Bay Area  

Sort of true but not really just true but more like wildfires, explosions and very bad things. 

Card image

Jeff Adachi

Another Kamala casualty?  Perhaps not but around the San Francisco universe there is a divisive connections to the Chinatown Gangs with several decades of cases buried in archives of the Offices of the San Francisco District Attorney.  

The City is really where there is smoke there is fires.  

Card image

Marie Coon 

Former Walnut Creek resident step-mother James Jack Coon was a tailor for the Walnut Creek Nordstroms.  

Being a customer requiring most shirts tailored she was the tailor that worked with someone who became my wife.  

The Nordstroms connection is highly important given that Marie after she learned SPC James Coon was killed in Iraq.  

Card image

SPC James Coon

The story was a false narrative. Digging through articles, learning various facts about the Iraq and realizing how a computer virus was to 9/11 (See ) then learning snippets about what was really in Balad. It became somewhat obvious that Marie's suicide in Lake Arrowhead might be connected to his death via sniper.


When the FBI comes knocking

When the FBI comes knocking 

In 1988 out of desperation for survival of his business plus the threats on his person Pete Bennett realized after dozens dead end police reports called the FBI in San Francisco.   They sent Frank Doyle Jr. who the following year the head of the FBI Bomb training school was involved in the Judi Bari Bombing in Oakland.  

FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr. 

Card image

Frank Doyle Jr.

FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr. is a enigma agent. A sorted history connected to Lockerbie and PanAm which is the story with the failed hostile takeover Jeffery Epstein of PanAm. The plan failed when two years later PanAm and Boeing exploded over Lockerbie Scotland


The Strack Murders - the impossible odds of multiple murders suicides near Pete Bennett


The Constituent with the Stolen Truck via Fraud now homeless but refuses to give up - good chance Bennett will expire on the street


#deadwitness ~ Kip Dozier missing since June 2019 this was close to our last contact.


#march4trump 2016 - Saving the flag pushing and shoving certainly not loving


#deadwitness Obituary: Adam Weeks 1982–2020 Changing Outcomes

Candidate for Office

Obituary: Adam Weeks 1982–2020

Adam Weeks

Adam Weeks

Adam Charles Weeks, 38, of Red Wing, passed away unexpectedly at his home on Monday, Sept. 21, 2020.

Adam was born June 30, 1982 to George and Mary Weeks, in Iowa Falls, Iowa. Adam’s father, George, passed away when Adam was 4 years old. Soon after, Mary and Adam relocated to Northfield, Minnesota.

Adam attended Northfield schools and graduated with the class of 2000. During his school days, Adam’s passion was “everything Ken Griffey Jr.” and the Seattle Mariners baseball team. He has collected hats, jackets, shoes, along with his prize collection of baseball cards. Adam had a smile for everyone he encountered – young or old! He had a passionate soul – he loved people, conversation, skiing, baseball, and politics.

His political energies were quite evident, as he is currently listed as a candidate on the 2020 Minnesota State Election Ballot, running for U.S. House representative for Minnesota 2nd District, under the Legal Marijuana Now Party.

Adam’s work history included an assortment of jobs, but he was happiest these past years with two quite different seasonal jobs. Most recently, during the winter months, he was manager of Mad Jax Bar & Grill at Welch Village in Welch, Minnesota. The spring, summer and fall months involved his love and talents of organic gardening. Adam was proud owner of Mississippi Hills Produce, Goodhue, Minnesota. He and his mom, Mary, grew the best organic produce in southern Minnesota. Even though it was a lot of hard physical work, this chemical free farm style was their pride and joy and offered up tremendous results. Their produce sold to CSA clientele, local restaurants and markets, and every Saturday, June through October, you would find them at the River Walk Market in Northfield. Adam was an active board member of the River Walk Market.

He was preceded in death by his father, George Weeks, grandparents, Norma and Chuck Weeks, Florence and Osmer Ryland, as well as uncles, Al Ryland, Ben Weeks, and aunt, Bev Bittmann. Adam is survived by his mom, Mary Weeks of Cannon Falls and Mike Hassig of Iowa Falls, Iowa. His aunts and uncles, Don and Peggy Ryland, Cannon Falls, Stan and Patty Ryland, Fargo, N.D., Linda Warmbold-Engle, his many special cousins and friends, and his “Farm Family” Paul and Emily Reese, Clyde, Oscar, Vivian, and Bridgette Reese. Adam would have wanted mention of his work family at Welch Village as well, as he so enjoyed these close friends.

An outdoor funeral service will be held at 2 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 26, at St. Ansgar’s Lutheran Church, 7459 Hwy 19 Blvd., Cannon Falls. Visitation will be held at the church prior to the service, from 12:30-2 p.m. Immediately following the service there will be a gathering for friends and family at East Side Park, 499 Minnesota St., Cannon Falls. Memorials in Adam’s memory can be directed to St. Ansgar’s Lutheran Church, 7459 Hwy 19 Blvd., Cannon Falls, MN 55009. Arrangements with Lundberg Funeral Home, Cannon Falls. Online condolences may be directed to


Special House Election - Kill the vote draining candidate to save the incumbent?

Special House Election 

Candidate for office dead at 38 

The other candidate is likely in the dark look higher to local Democratic Party.


#deadcandidates #deadwitness Minnesota candidate’s death triggers special House election

RED WING (AP) — A Minnesota congressional race won’t be decided in November after one of the candidates died, triggering a provision in state law that it be pushed to a special election in February, the secretary of state said.

Adam Charles Weeks, of the Legal Marijuana Now Party, was running in the 2nd District, which represents a swath of Minnesota stre

Weeks’ obituary said he died Monday. Ulan said the cause of death wasn’t clear, and an autopsy had been requested. Red Wing Police Chief Roger Pohlman confirmed that officers carried out a welfare check Monday evening and found Weeks’ body, but declined further comment.

Democratic Rep. Angie Craig is seeking her second term in the district. Tyler Kistner is the Republican nominee.


Arrest that Homeless Varmint! Yell to everyone he crazy after his homeless friends died - death to the homeless


#deadwitness - Todd Cambra left to freeze to death denied HUD funded Homeless Services

NIH Not Important Human

The way Todd Cambra died is unacceptable in a modern society. Todd like many homeless had issues. His worst issues were medical secondary was personal challenges. His worst challenge was banishment from Trinty Center Walnut Creek.

The County, the City and CORE Outreach (cracker delivery services) coupled with Health and Human Services lack accountabilty.

Todd Cambra

His tragic end epitomizes the current state of the successful office holders. This man died from the elements in a town known for a moderate climate that include heat waves to below freezing temperatures. One night thosse freezing moments took his life.


Deaths in Technology



Busting phone scammers: Police raids shine light on overseas call centres (Marketplace) CDC Cand

Marketplace journalists got exclusive access to an undercover RCMP investigation into major scam calls that have bilked Canadians of millions of dollars. For two years, we have zeroed in on scammers in Indian call centres targeting Canadians: posing as CRA tax agents, tech support workers or impersonating police and other government officials. Many of you have come forward with stories of being contacted by these scammers and asked why authorities can’t do more to stop these schemes. We’ve always wondered: Are there accomplices in Canada? To read more:

The Homeless Candidate of Walnut Creek - beaten, arrested, denied HUD funded homeless services

Murders near the 2014 Election Fraud with City Council of Walnut Creek

Pete Bennett attempted to run for Walnut Creek City Council. He filled out the forms, recieved his nomination forms and collected his signatures. Upon entering the City Clerks office officers arrived. Three months later a family connection to trust forgery of Dorothea Leslie Milne Bennett were dead.

The Homeless Constituent

Pete Bennett attempted to run for Walnut Creek City Counc

Democratic Election Fraud

This was the beginning of the web for Pete Bennett Walnut Creek City Council

The Homeless Candidate

This Congressman has ducked the issues

By the time Pete Bennett walked up to Congressman Mark DeSaulnier in October 2018 he was exasperated by the dubious resistance. He is protected by the unions which run the county. That includes the reasoning why Pete Bennett left the county hospital due to the eerliy near fatal incidents near Bennett and others.

The Homeless Candidate

Seeking Constituent Services

September 2018
Congressman Mark DeSaulnier has ducked my requests for constituent services and assistance for 20 years. He is long time friends with Dr. William Walker who turns out to be cousin Alicia Driscoll the mom and daughter (friend) brutally murdered in 2005.

Attacked at Library

December 2018
Congressman Mark DeSaulnier has ducked my requests for constituent services and assistance for 20 years. He is long time friends with Dr. William Walker who turns out to be cousin Alicia Driscoll the mom and daughter (friend) brutally murdered in 2005.

Walnut Creek Officer Moorehouse

February 2019
Congressman Mark DeSaulnier has ducked my requests for constituent services and assistance for 20 years. He is long time friends with Dr. William Walker who turns out to be cousin Alicia Driscoll the mom and daughter (friend) brutally murdered in 2005.

#deadwitness - Oracle Corporation, Nomoreh1b, Pete Bennett, Larry Ellison


The Battle for Jobs, Data, Information and Jobs

Pete Bennett with Oracle Spokesman Robert Hoffman

Pete Bennett

Card image


June 2007
Evicted 2007

Mysterious Loss of Contracts

Mysterious Medical


Attempts on his life

The Mormon Connection

Card image

When friends of God came knocking at my door it didn't take long for my truck to explode.


Card image



Quick Facts

June 2007

Evicted 2007

Mysterious Loss of Contracts

Mysterious Medical


Attempts on his life


Card image


Mysterious Loss of Contracts

Mysterious Medical


Attempts on his life


Card image


Research Portal


NewsHour Correspondent: Business leaders in Silicon Valley and other high-tech centers say they need more foreign workers to keep America competitive. Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates made the case before Congress this spring.

BILL GATES, Chairman, Microsoft: Now we face a critical shortage of scientific talent. And there’s only one way to solve that crisis today: open our doors to highly talented scientists and engineers who want to live, work and pay taxes here.

SPENCER MICHELS: The law allows 65,000 specialized workers, ranging from engineers to architects, and even including fashion models, into the U.S. each year, plus another 20,000 graduate degree holders. They, plus some categories like teachers not included in the cap, get what is called an H-1B visa.

With that temporary pass, they can stay and work here for up to six years. Today, there are more than 260,000 H-1B employees in the U.S.

Companies insist they need foreign workers because there are not enough qualified Americans to fill the jobs.

ROBERT HOFFMAN, Oracle Corporation: The Senate and the House have made this issue a high priority.

SPENCER MICHELS: Robert Hoffman is a lobbyist for software maker Oracle, which currently has about 1,850 H-1B employees. He says the company needs software and computer engineers right away.

ROBERT HOFFMAN: Companies like Oracle and Microsoft have hundreds of job openings currently right now. We want to hire the American worker, but if they’re not there, what alternatives do we have? Either we hire the H-1Bs, or if the H-1Bs aren’t available, we’ll have to move work offshore. We’ll move the work where the workers are.

SPENCER MICHELS: According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service’s Sharon Rummery, the demand this year for H-1B visas was enormous.

SHARON RUMMERY, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services: On the very first day that the H-1B visa became available, we received more applications than we had available slots. As it turned out, we got more than 119,000 H-1B visa applications.

SPENCER MICHELS: So what do you do?

SHARON RUMMERY: When that happens, we go to a computer-generated, random selection process.

Securing the best and brightest

Christian Plante

Canadian H-1B Visa Holder

You want to make sure you make it easy for people to come here to the United States, and then you want to make sure that companies have the right means to keep them here.

SPENCER MICHELS: A large coalition of high-tech firms, called Compete America, and co-chaired by Oracle's Hoffman, says the global economy demands a free flow of workers.

ROBERT HOFFMAN: Half, or more than half in some instances, of our graduate students that are pursuing masters and PhDs are foreign-born. Companies like Google, Yahoo, eBay were all founded by immigrants. So what we're trying to do is making sure that we have the very best and the very brightest here in the country innovating and creating jobs.

SPENCER MICHELS: People like Umar Mughal, who lives today with his wife in an apartment in San Jose, he came to America from Pakistan to attend Purdue University in electrical engineering. After graduation, he got a job in Silicon Valley and got married on a visit home.

For the past six years, he's been working in marketing for Altera, a company that makes specialized computer chips and employs about 160 H-1B workers. He has applied for a green card, a work permit for permanent residents, so he can stay here after his visa expires.

UMAR MUGHAL, Pakistani H-1B Visa Holder: I wanted to be in tech. That's what I was passionate about, and I wanted to start working here. The other thing is, once I moved, I really like the lifestyle over here.

SPENCER MICHELS: We talked to Mughal and two other H-1B holders from Canada and India in Altera's cafeteria. All three agreed that, for its own benefit, America needs to encourage, not block, foreign workers. Christian Plante came here from Quebec.

CHRISTIAN PLANTE, Canadian H-1B Visa Holder: The goal is really to snatch talent and keep the talent here because it's going to go somewhere else. It's going to go to China; it's going to go to the European Union. You want to make sure you make it easy for people to come here to the United States, and then you want to make sure that companies have the right means to keep them here.

DEEPAK BOPPANA, Indian H-1B Visa Holder: I think reverse brain drain is, to a certain extent, very real. I've known friends who have gone back to India because of the booming economy there.

A 'money game'

Pete Bennett

Software Developer

It's really a game of two for one. I can get two H-1B visa workers for one American.

SPENCER MICHELS: But software developer and amateur guitar player Pete Bennett doesn't buy any of the arguments to bring in H-1B workers. Bennett, who runs a Web site called "No More H-1B," says he has a hard time finding work, and he blames the H-1B visa program.

PETE BENNETT, Software Developer: It's really a game of two for one. I can get two H-1B visa workers for one American. Many of the U.S. workers that were displaced are in the higher wage category. This is a money game; this is about big money.

SPENCER MICHELS: The workers we met at Altera said they were paid equally with Americans, but a recent survey from the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington think-tank, found that more than half of new H-1B high-tech employees were paid below the starting salary of an entry-level computer scientist.

The Department of Labor says that, under the law, companies where foreigners make up at least 15 percent of the workforce must attest that they've tried to hire Americans first. But most companies hire fewer foreigners than that, and they have no such requirement. They simply have to post internally their intention to hire a foreigner.

For those companies, a Labor Department document states, "H-1B workers may be hired even when a qualified U.S. worker wants the job, and a U.S. worker can be displaced from the job in favor of the foreign worker." That's a fact that frustrates these American high-tech professionals who are out of work.

Laid off Americans

SPENCER MICHELS: After being laid off, Andre Levy spent two-and-a-half years getting a master's degree to be more competitive. He's been looking for a job for more than a year.

ANDRE LEVY, American Citizen: I have a degree from a world-class university here in the bay. I have a master's degree from a pretty darn good university. I am not sure exactly what else I can do.

SPENCER MICHELS: He says he knows H-1Bs generally get paid less, because when he was a manager, he hired them.

ANDRE LEVY: It was a cost issue. I mean, they were cheaper because they were short-term. We didn't pay benefits or any of that sort of stuff. We had a number of folks from Russia, as well. They were willing to live four in a two-bedroom apartment.

SPENCER MICHELS: Kim Doty was laid off in January.

KIM DOTY, American Citizen: Not only are some of my jobs being outsourced, but when I look at other positions, I'm being told that I'm too qualified to take some of those roles. And a lot of it, I think, has to do with my salary, at this point demanding a lot higher salary than what they're looking at.

SPENCER MICHELS: Foreign workers also come with the skills industry wants now. And American workers say they need retraining to stay competitive.

But training funds have been cut, says the director of this job center in Silicon Valley. Companies pay the government $1,000 for each H-1B worker they hire, money to be used for job training. But much of it has been perted out of Silicon Valley to poorer communities, says Mike Curran.

MIKE CURRAN, North Valley Job Training Consortium: So what we used to have was millions of dollars of training six or seven years ago, because the H-1B created a pool for that, and we could take existing workers here and give them new networks, and new technologies, and new access to new training, has evaporated. All of that money has been taken off of the table.

Congress debates H-1B visas

Sen. Dick Durbin

(D) Illinois

We need to really put this back on track. And the first rule ought to be very simple: American workers take the jobs first.

SPENCER MICHELS: The H-1B debate is playing out in Congress right now as an important element in the broader immigration discussions. President Bush recently called on Congress to raise the cap. Republican Senator John Cornyn has been leading efforts in the Senate to get more H-1B visas.

SEN. JOHN CORNYN (R), Texas: There's been a lot of misunderstanding and some suggestion that you're actually bringing in foreign workers, paying them less, and putting Americans out of jobs. That's not the case. This is to supplement really our lack of qualified people in some of these high-skilled areas.

SEN. DICK DURBIN (D), Illinois: There are some who say, "Well, clearly, we need more H-1B visas." I disagree with that completely.

SPENCER MICHELS: On the other side, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin fears that foreigners will return to their own countries armed with technology learned here and compete with American companies.

SEN. DICK DURBIN: The system is clearly being abused. We need to really put this back on track. And the first rule ought to be very simple: American workers take the jobs first.

SPENCER MICHELS: As Congress continues to wrangle over immigration, the H-1B visa controversy is expected to remain a major issue in the debate.

JIM LEHRER: The Senate deal on immigration reached today would raise the cap on H-1B visas to 115,000, which is nearly double the current number allowed, and it would open the door to future increases.


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