The Brutal Double Murder of Founder Nomoreh1b who challenged the Tech VisaVisas, InfoSys, IBM, Oracle and Venture Capital

This was a friend of Pete Bennett founder of no more H1B. Com lost in a criminal case several years ago now stored in Japan likely connected to SoftBank venture capital.

When you go up against big money in Venture Capital they come after your friends and blow their brains out this was around the time that I was working for a firm defending PeopleSoft against the Oracle hostile takeover.

The project was November 2004 working in San Francisco at Vector capital managing the PowerPoint slide deck.

This precious little girl life ended when somebody stuck a 22 in mouth blew her brains out and then blew the brains out of the mom.

Autopsies in Solano and Sonoma County are performed by forensic Medical Group which was dr. Brian Peterson true is ex Naval intelligence corn who is France with Commander George Driscoll aunt you're looking at the Georgia sister and niece.

When I update dish I'm going to put General Petraeus in here and I'm going to send it to General Colin Powell