A Collection of Witnesses Killed

Lockerbie and Epstein

Why Epstein?

The mysterious cloud over the source of Epstein wealth, his connection to David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank and via the Gawker list Pete Bennett matches up Svetlana Griazanova to Bennett's grandparents David Leslie Milne.

Upon his the 1962 death of his Grandfather a trust valued in the millions was left in the hands of David Rockefeller eventually the trust dwindled to far less than millions.  

There is a curious series of fires occurring at the apartment in 1973 which was big news when the local penthouse catches on fire.  Bennett being young remembers papers that today he recognized at Standard Oil and Railroad Bonds,  Those files disappeared after the fires.  Bennett was too young to argue about events.  

Epstein arrived on the New York money scene within that same time frame and just happened to acquired Rockefeller as a client.   

1988 Prince Andrew visits Alamo CA 


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