A Collection of Witnesses Killed

The Unarmed Constituent-The Coroners Coverup

When you got Dick on your side he's got your witnesses cooled off in the morgue.

 for years I pondered how I lost Bennett versus Southern Pacific then one day I pieced it together with a very careful timeline.

That explains why I've been put in jail 22 times, he'll Sue Raney of Walnut Creek and Richard Rainey and his powerful friends were able to kidnap my sons.

When former County legal counsel is on your side they make sure the paperwork gets buried.

 this is the son of an attorney that represented KinderCare owned by Larry Ellison, in the same building of 101 Ygnacio Valley Road Walnut Creek was once the Empire of Lawrence Investments suddenly Bennett removed from Oracle world in September 2019 not long after Lawrence Investments suddenly closed on the fourth floor is another bucket of Mormons that donate that was killed.

On the first floor is the law firm that represented the narcotics task force.

The author of this memo today is Pete Bennett who knows all these people either personally or one degree away and they absolutely know who he is in a lot of them not at all have tried to kill Bennett when that didn't work they begin to kill us Witnesses

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