A Collection of Witnesses Killed

#deadwitness RIP Kellie Reed - Dave I am sorry for your loss

There is an obtuse connection between soccer moms confidential pound on 48 hours and Kelly.  Her boyfriend was a great sax player and we know each other from the stage, he showed me the police report and I know there's no way she was .34 drunk but it sounds just like on my other friend Janice Farris blame for the Caldecott Tunnel explosion in 1982

 in 2014 she was working at Tiki Toms located on Olympic Boulevard in Walnut Creek where Johnny Silva died, Michael McNulty and Robert Frazier my assailant in 2014 was gunned down three days after district attorney Mark Peterson resigned from office

 this is part of a story in the matter of Bennett versus Southern Pacific where someone killed my witness the judge ended up in Montana and the ultimate liability leads to Philip Anschutz the billionaire out of Denver.

Friends with Michael Milken pardon by President Trump and Pete Bennett just had to ship kicked out of them enough times to know he has a big target on his back
Dave was killed in jail homeless client of Trinity Center Walnut Creek center of tossing homeless to the street where they die by hypothermia.

My grandfather represented Joseph P. Kennedy as a their CPA, David Leslie Milne died 62, the son of client was assassinated?
It is vert likely Presindent Trump may pardoned Michael milken not knowing about the murder in Bennett v. Southern Pacific connected Chairman Philip Anschutz the predecessor of Enron which the demolotion of building 7 during 9/11.

The SEC investigation came down inside Building 7.

No Paper, No Case because there wad no clouds? 

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