A Collection of Witnesses Killed

Unsolved Mysteries: The 1988 Murder of a San Francisco Police Officer

During July 1988 San Francisco Police Officer was found shot dead in the Woodcreek Parking Lot located on S. Main and Bothelo.  Months earlier the Safeway manager at the Pittsburg store was taken to a field and executed.  Walnut Creek officers tried to pin the murder a local woman whose husband worked at the Concord Naval Weapons Station.  

In 2008 Walnut Creek Police in conjunction with the City and County of San Francisco offered a $250,000

Pete Bennett founder of and others on crime, fraud and racketeering came forward a few weeks after the July 2008 reward signed by Gavin Newsome then Mayorod San Francisco.  Ple please note in 1988 Lester Garnier San Francisco police officer was technically employed by mayor Feinstein.

And of course you can't help forget Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone shooting when she was on the Board of Supervisors and I'm betting that Richard Blum manage the finances of Jim Jones.

There is enough chatter about Jonestown that many feel it's a CIA operation and something tells me that I'm connected to the CIA to former director Porter Goss former mayor of Sanibel Island starting a 1974.

Within weeks Walnut Creek officers began a campaign on Bennett and his businesses.  


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