A Collection of Witnesses Killed

The Secret Murders of Walnut Creek Residents

The rolling where Pete Bennett is personally connected to each incident below.  

Left to Right 
  • June 2005 ~ Jineva Drisoll and Alicia Driscoll (2 Dead) 
  • Sept 2104 ~ Emery Strack plus entire family, nephews to Pete Bennett older brother (5 dead)
  • Oct  2015 ~ Gavin Buchanan and family. Bennett knew father Adam Buchanan from construction  (3 dead)
  • Nov. 2016 ~ Sara Hoda killed in GhostShip Fire along with a total of 36 victims

Pete Bennett taken down at the intersection of S. California and Olympic Walnut Creek CA 

AS always there is no police for Bennett because Bennett's story is about witness murders and lynchings. 

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