A Collection of Witnesses Killed

The Staged Murder of the wife Attorney Daniel Horowitz

Linking Pamela Vitale Murder to Big-O tires Lafaytte

At first I believed CNN then one day I stopped believing CNN and then Contra Costa County Law Enforcement. What sealed the deal was the arrests of Commander Norman and Deputy Tanabe in regards to the Contra Costa Narcotics Taskforce stealing drugs that was once evidence. Bad evidence management means false convictions.

School: Las Lomas High School
Date: Date Here
City: City Here
Location: General Location

Bennett vs. Collins

In 2011 the FBI began arresting officers connected that happened to officers from the same investigating agency. IN reviewing many case regarding the Contra Costa County Sheriff Incident Investigator Bennett began connecting cases to investigators. His dubious eyes cast shadows upon this case and others as the during one of the FBI there was the deputy involved in several of Bennett's case. Then one day Bennett connected Gary Vinson Collins to his fathers Big-O tire Franchise located in Lafayette. Bennett knowing Collins would worked on Vitale and Horowitz's vehicles. Collins was always seeking extra contracting work. Bennett sued Collins but he was murdered like all the rest.

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