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#deadwitness ~ Patrick Cifo suicide sketchy as it gets another downtown club patron of Walnut Creek

The Fate of Patrick Cifo

Word on the street was ...

The typical pre Chief Chaplin response was to pass a story and never tell the public the truth. Mr. Cifo a regular around town at bars or clubs like Tiki Toms, WPLJ's, Vinnies and drove one of those cool three wheel bikes. He would park on Main or Locust hand around near the Apple Store (old location, Pre 2018) or would be in the same clubs where Pete Bennett would be on stage at the local open-mics.

Pete met Patrick when he parked the Trike

Then later we crossed paths at local clubs where Pete began incidents. He gave details to Law Enforcement working on the endless attempts on his life as he watched his personal contacts going down accidents, drugs, murder and unusual endings. Pete has been watching for 40 years.

His daughter is in disbelief

- By Angela Cifor

I want to discuss the death of Patrick Cifor. He was my uncle. I loved him. I love his daughters. I love my father, Patrick's brother. The Cifor family is flawed in many ways, but one thing is certain: Cifors do not quit. They do not give up. They do not commit suicide.

Walnut Creek is a small town. It is a wealthy town, quiet and peaceful. The Contra Costa sheriff's department—tasked with protecting the citizens of that county—has an excellent record with respect to community safety. But they are understaffed.

When Patrick Cifor died, the Contra Costa sheriff's department conducted a routine investigation. They took limited witness testimony at face value. They placed a significant amount of weight on the Medical Examiner's statement, which ultimately arrived at the conclusion that the cause of death was a suicide because there were no defensive wounds on Patrick's arms.

Patrick Cifor did not commit suicide. The facts support this. Every person who knew Pat supports this. Patrick Cifor was murdered. How and why is unclear. What is clear is that the Contra Costa sheriff's department far too quickly ruled Pat's death to be a suicide without a complete investigation, without sufficient interviews, and without any perspective on Pat's life, his acquaintances, his friends, and his associates. They failed Patrick, and they failed the community of Walnut Creek.

The Contra Costa sheriff's department claims to have conducted an investigation. That "investigation" was a complete failure because of many staggering omissions. Not a single officer interviewed Patrick's therapist, his neighbors, his friends, or his business associates. Those that were close to Pat shared their confusion about this with his family. The knife that Patrick allegedly used to stab himself was not sufficiently inspected. The sheriff's department told Pat's sister that his body would be cremated in three to five days; it was cremated 12 hours later. What is happening in Walnut Creek, California? Why is no one questioning what happened?

As a Cifor and as a citizen who believes in truth and justice, I am not OK with this situation. Patrick Cifor was a father, a neighbor, a friend, and—most importantly—a kind-hearted man. Ask questions. Demand answers. Do not let this go away without a fight.

His daughter is in disbelief

Patrick Neil Cifor
June 10, 1962-Feb 8, 2013
Resident of Walnut Creek
Patrick Neil Cifor, 50, was born June 10, 1962 in Livonia, Michigan to the late Shirley and John Cifor. Patrick was a free spirit and a dreamer. He wasn't afraid to work hard and travelled the globe to sample his favorite foods and wines. He was a loving father to his daughters Marika Cifor, who lives and works in Massachusetts, and Yeva Cifor, who is a college freshman in Washington State.
He always tried to be a gentle and trusting soul, who wanted to help others any way he could. He was brother to Sandra Cifor, Linda Cifor, John Cifor, and Gerald Cifor. He had many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins, many still living in Michigan. His longtime business associate in Benefits Access,Neville Guard, and his coworkers, Yolanda, Kate, Sherrie, Yasmin, and Christie, were his longtime friends. He lived life to the fullest and always tried to stay upbeat. He had many friends whose lives were fuller for knowing him.
To celebrate his life, there will be a Memorial Service at Hull's Walnut Creek Chapel on Thursday February 14th at 1PM with his family in attendance. In lieu of flowers,Patrick would have liked donations to be made to the Contra Costa County Food Bank , Red Cross, or the charity of your choice. He will be missed by all of us. Please pray for his soul.

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