A Collection of Witnesses Killed

The Contra Costa Superior Court let The Dirty DUI Judge why do you think Pete Bennett created #deadwitness

The Contra Costa Superior Court and "The Dirty DUI"

Appearing in front of this Judge were the same officers arresting and ticketing Pete Bennett.

Judge Joel Golub

Well known to Commander Norman Wielsch, Deputy Tanabe, District Attorney Mark Peterson and Officer Luis Lombardi. T

his crew plus many more to be revealed soon part of theft extortion operation never seen before.

The Traffic Commisioner and Abuse of Authority Under Color of Law and Official

Bennett knows this judge from when he resided in the Town of Danville between 1996 and 2006. Bennett was robbed of his inheritance, cars and family while enduring surreal duress. Golub had ample opportunity to assist Bennett with issues connected to the Police in the Town of Danville. Instead he chose to issue fines that became an immpossible hurdle to overcome.

Golub's Role in a Parental Abduction

The abuse of Judge Golub that he effectivey sealed the fate of the abduction of Bennett's son.

There is no question that Golub knows the ex-wife of Pete Bennett. He was duly informed of multiple attempts on Bennett's which includes the attempet murder via arson. What is better the coconspirators decided the best way to terminate his ex-wife as a witness was burn down the Town of Paradise by using PG&E as the usual scapecoat.

The Chief Murderer of Contra Costa Sheriff

This is the former Chief of Police of the Town of Danville who told Bennett the 9/11 tapes.

Pete Bennett carried an $850,000 Prudential Life Insurance Policy plus an inheritance valued at more than $500,000 and receivables from Albert D. Seeno, SBCGlobal and several others. All of those assets lost in a complicated scheme that was structered within the Mormon community.


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